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In the Shadow of the Moon

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In the Shadow of the Moon

Netflix presents a great product that mixes a bit of terror, suspense and science fiction, a combination that results in guaranteed success if combined with a good story.

This film was directed by the American writer and director Jim Mickle, produced by a quartet formed by Ben Pugh; Ryan Cahill, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Linda Morgan; and written by Gregory Weidman and Geoff Tock; it was released for the digital platform on September 27, 2019.

The film features performances by Cleopatra Coleman, Rachel Keller, Boyd Holbrook, Bokeem Woodbine, Rudi Dharmalingam and Michael C. Hall.

For nineteen eighty-eight a strange phenomenon hit the city of Philadelphia, a wave of murders under the same format surprises the local authorities, the victims die bleeding in the streets.

The local police officer, Thomas Lockhart believes that this is a good opportunity to stand out and get a promotion to the detective position, but his fellow guardian, the Maddox clerk, is discouraged and considers it complex.

The detective in charge of the investigation is Holt, brother-in-law of Thomas, who rejects his hypotheses and does not believe in his arguments; but that will change soon when Lockhart discovers that he is a serial killer, since all the victims were killed in the same way and with the same type of piercing punch weapon.

In a patrol routine, Lockhart and Maddox get a robbery victim in an alley in the city with the same pattern of injury as the deceased in the case in question; however, before fainting, he manages to give some indications of the attacker; he mentions that the victimizer is female, dark-skinned and with an injured hand.

Thomas communicates with his brother-in-law and explains the situation, they immediately organize a police operation to locate and learn the murderer; Lockhart and Maddox agree with a suspect who fits the description given; they chase him and intercept in the Subway, Maddox tries to neutralize it, but quite the opposite happens; Officer Lockhart confronts the attacker, but is surprised when the African-American woman begins to reveal details of his personal life, mentions his wife's pregnancy and ensures that his son will be born that same day, but his joy will be overshadowed by terrible news; he also prophesies his own death, which occurs minutes later after being hit by a train which immediately takes his life.

 The facts are inexplicable to Lockhart; the authorities close the case assuming that the deceased was the serial killer they were looking for. Nine years have elapsed since that event, the city is in crisis due to a series of revolts caused by activists protesting against the abuse of force by police forces.

A new series of murders plagues Philadelphia, the now promoted detective Thomas Lockhart begins routine investigations, always remembering what happened in the eighty-eight; when examining the victims he realizes that he is an imitator, however this time there is no common pattern between them, he fails to find any connection.

 Lockhart suggests to his superiors not to reveal the progress of the investigation, as this would put the killer on alert and it will be much more complicated to arrest him; but his brother-in-law again ignores his comments and through a press conference shows the images of the victims and details the intelligence operations that are carried out to capture the murderer.

Thanks to Holt's statements, the protests of the activists get worse and every day more people join, the city is at a very critical point and the imitator continues to add victims.

Detective Lockhart digs up the evidence in the mysterious case of the eighty-eight; take some keys that the victim possessed that take him to an airplane that was manufactured in nineteen ninety-six; something they fail to understand.

After a lot of work, the detectives locate the impersonator and follow him to an airstrip, where they incredibly bump into that woman who had apparently died in front of them; now the investigation is just beginning, what really happens with this mysterious woman?

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Duration: 115min

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