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I See You

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"I See You" is a short animated film that was made by Swedish director Boorman Vincke. It stars Matsvdara Jansson as Magda, an ordinary housewife who works long hours in order to provide for her family. She lives in a small apartment with no furniture and no care for the little things around her. One day, she receives a visit from her good friend Avril (Anastasios Soulis). The two women instantly hit it off and after several funny conversations, they decide to meet up. While they are waiting for their train in order to go to Magda's friend Ardyss (Pedro Costa), whom they had not met before, Avril runs into her old friend Nils (Carlo Cecchi) who had moved to a very different country.

Soon enough, however, the two friends begin to date each other. Everything goes well until one night when Nils goes out to meet her old college friend Carl (Petula Clark), whom she had not seen in years. However, when Carl starts to act strangely, Avril becomes worried about it, since she thinks he might be bipolar. Later on, though, Carl starts acting more like himself and starts hanging out with Avril more frequently. When she asks him about what happened between him and Nils, Carl tells her that Nils had been murdered by a mugger.

With this information, Avril is shocked and so does everyone else in the movie. Suddenly, she realizes that she has to perform a paternity test in order to prove whether or not her good friend Carl is the father of her child. With this information at hand, Avril sets out in order to perform a background check on Carl and on any other people who may be his possible partners in crime. Throughout the movie, she also begins to learn more about herself as she pursues Carl.

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Of course, there are many other reasons why you should watch I See You Again. It is not only a great film, but it is also a very funny movie. Some of the lines, which will keep you laughing until the end of the night, are: "You're just as dead as a dog!" and "You think I'm a genius? I don't even know what an idiot you are."

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Genres: Crime , Horror , Mystery , Thriller

Duration: 98min

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