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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

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DreamWork Animation and Universal Pictures present the third installment of the series “How to Train Your Dragon”, based on a homonymous book by Cressida Cowell, adapted to the cinema and directed by Dean DeBlois, and produced by Bonnie Arnold, this film was released on the twenty-second of February two thousand nineteen.

Hipo dreams of building a balanced and peaceful society where they can live together, Vikings, Riders and Dragons, in harmony and tranquility. Thootless discovers love and finds a companion, an indomitable and impetuous dragon, an unusual specimen; while the Berks test the leadership of Hiccup; everyone must fight shoulder to shoulder in order to survive the terrible Grimmel the Grisly.

Twelve months have elapsed from the events of its predecessor; Hiccup, Thootless and the dragon riders continue on the crusade rescuing dragons in captivity and taking them to Berk Island; His great impetus and goodness have developed an over dragon population on the island. Hiccup remembers his father's teachings and his desire to find the "Hidden World" where dragons would live safe and free without the cruelty of modern man.

In a secluded place, Grimmel captures a strange white dragon and elongated features, belongs to the alpine race and they call it Night Fury, he notices the resemblance to the dragon of Hippo Alpha, Thootless ... so he decides to use it as bait for attract him and take it away from Hiccup.

The villain's plan works, Thootless and Night Fury are achieved in the forest and immediately "Click" the alpha dragon begins to woo her and she corresponds; but Night Fury feels the presence of Hiccup and flees the place leaving only Thootless; Hipo travels the place next to Brutacion and they get a lot of traps for dragons, both claim that it is Grimmel's work.

Hipo is on alert to Grimmel's plans, he knows he will attack at any moment, so he prepares an ambush to capture him, but the villain manages to escape causing a great fire on the island that devastated part of the population.

Hipo calls an emergency meeting in the great hall, Vikings, Riders and residents of Beck, tells them that in view of what happened he proposes to start an expedition in search of the “Hidden World”, where they can establish and build the society with which all they dream, the inhabitants reach a consensus and adopt the idea of ​​Hiccup.

After having traveled and long way, they find an island where they decide to camp and rest for a few days, but time passes and they feel at ease, little by little they are established and they are no longer convinced to go the “Hidden World " Valka the rider makes an exploration patrol around the island, but returns in a hurry and alerts everyone to the presence of Grimmel's army, but it is too late, they are attacked by surprise and barely escape, but not all, Brutilda has been captured and caged.

Hiccup and Astrid desperately search for Thootless, and they find the entrance to the "Hidden World" and within it they find Night Fury and Thootless, you want to share freely with the other dragons of the place.

Hiccup and Astrid are attacked by the alpha dragon of the place, and before being annihilated Thootless rescues them and takes them out of the place and takes them with the other villagers, this experience makes Hipo reflect and understands that Vikings and Riders will not be able to live with the Wild dragons in the dark world.

Hiccup along with the riders and Vikings will have to face this new challenge with great intelligence and coldness, they must rescue the captive dragons and start from scratch the reconstruction of their new village, and of course get rid of Grimmel the Grisly once and for all.

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Genres: Adventure , Animation , Family

Duration: 104min

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