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Hello, Love, Goodbye

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Cine Estrella, in association with ABS-CBN Film Productions, presents this successful romantic comedy written by Carmi G. Raymundo, directed by Filipino Cathy García Molina, produced by writer Olivia M. Lamasan; premiered on July 31, August 8 and August 9, 2019, for the Philippines, the United States and the Middle East respectively.

The leading cast is composed of the main personalities of the world of the Filipino show, who curiously are the image of the two most successful television networks in that country, as is Kathryn Bernardo who represents ABS-CBN; and actor Alden Richards is the face of GMA Network.

Hello Love Goodbye, achieved success impressively fast, touching the heart of those who enjoy it, in fact it became the highest-grossing film in the history of the seventh Filipino art, collecting seventeen million dollars, surpassing its closest competitor, The Hows of Us, which also starred the duo Bernardo & Richards in two thousand eighteen and managed to get the sum of fifteen million five hundred thousand dollars.

Among the main actors, apart from those already mentioned, we find the model and cheerleader Maymay Entrata, the model Joross Gamboa, the comedian Kakai Bautista, the dancer and TV presenter Jameson Blake, the actor Lito Pimentel and the fashion businesswoman and actress Lovely Abella

Joy Marie Fabregas (Kathryn Bernardo) is a newly graduated Filipino nurse who works as a maid on the island of Hong Kong; his humble condition makes him agree well with the rest of his companions; She is an employee who stands out for her excellent work.

The young nurse does not want to be domestic all her life, so aspire at some time to leave the city; during that process he meets a waiter named Ethan Del Rosario (Alden Richards), who is also of Filipino origin; this young man is a casanova who arrived on the island in search of stability, tired of his adventures and romances, the young Filipino opts for legal residence in the Chinese city; She wants to establish herself and give priority to her training and to improve the relationship with her family, who also live in Hong Kong.

Ethan and Joy quickly establish a beautiful friendship, which without realizing it goes beyond it; both come together thus forming a single pair; each becomes the reason for the other; everything is happiness between them, peace and love reign in their hearts and help them cope with the hard life of that country.

This beautiful story was very successful in all the countries in which it was projected, and this phenomenon is due to the fact that it tells the story of two migrants who seek to improve their lives outside the borders of their country; like the more than ten million Filipinos who had to leave behind their land in search of new opportunities.

The producers and distributors of the film are already in talks for a sequel or a spin-off in case the protagonists do not agree since they believe that a second part might not be as successful as the first. All that remains is to wait patiently for the development of the conversations between the parties.

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Genres: Drama , Romance

Duration: 118min

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