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Based on the comics of Mike Mignola, a remake of the successful HellBoy arrives on the big screen, this time without the magic of director Guillermo del Toro, nor the starring of Ron Perlman. This new version is due to a new beginning in the history of the red demon, which is personified by actor David Harbor, who is accompanied by Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Milla Jovovich, Penelope Mitchell, Sophie Okonedo, Daniel Dae Kim, Alistair Petrie , Brian Glenson, among others.

The film was released for the United States of America on April 12, 2019

The adaptation of the script and the elaboration of the story were the responsibility of Mr. Andrew Cosby, who had the collaboration of Christopher Golden and Aaron Coleite; the direction was in charge of Neil Marshall, while in the production we found Lawrence Gordon and Lloyd Levin.

The development of the story and plot for this remake is quite different from what we already know, although it is based on some similar principles that are impossible to change, such as the origin of Hellboy, the adoptive father, the activity research agency for normals, etc. we must put aside the two previous versions and start from scratch.

On this occasion the story begins in the United Kingdom of the Middle Ages, where the evil witch Nimue unleashes all her fury through a plague that exterminates with the majority of the population; but King Arthur along with his most powerful sorceress manage to stop the evil witch, whom they mutilate with the powerful and legendary Excalibur sword.

Today a demon named Gruagach seeks the wisdom of the evil old woman Baba Yaga; he wants to start a period of darkness and suffering on earth, and the old witch tells him that he must awaken the most powerful dark entity known to the Queen of Evil Nimue, for this he must gather all his remains, the which are scattered throughout England.

In the headquarters of the agency of investigation of activities for normal, Dr. Trevor Bruttenholm, adoptive father of the red demon; He assigns it to investigate the disappearance of three giants who were in the custody of the Osiris club. Upon arrival he meets Lady Hatton, a powerful seer, who warns him that the end of the world is coming and that his future is involved in everything that will happen.

Hellboy goes in search of the giants, as he was ordered, in the middle of it he is ambushed and by a group of hunters who lash out hard against him leaving him very badly injured, but before being killed by the hunters, they are crushed by the giants saving Hellboy's life.

The red demon is rescued by a woman named Alice Monaghan, who takes him to his apartment to recover, Alice is a medium who was raised by fairies since she was abandoned since she was a child.

Bruttenholm sends a special team to look for his son, and tells him the plans of Gruagach, who tries to revive Nimue, the last rest of the fearsome witch lies beneath the premises of the Osiris Club. Dr. Trevor organizes a team made up of special agent Ben Daimio, Alice and Hellboy so that they don't allow them to recover the last rest of the demonic witch. Upon arriving at the site everything has already happened, everyone has been brutally killed, Alice gets the body of the seer Lady Hatton, who transmits that Nimue sought Hellboy to start the apocalypse.

Now the red demon is under everyone's eye, he must save the world from the Queen's terrible intentions of darkness Nimue, and he must also show everyone that he will not succumb to evil.

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Duration: 120min

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