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Good Boys

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Good Boys is a taboo comedy about children who say the most horrible things, many of which cannot be printed in newspapers or repeated on television, but still are good boys, real boys. With the aim of surprising for its design, director Gene Stupnitsky and his co-screenwriter Lee Eisenberg have created a scandalous comedy with a +18 rating on childhood that, although it is apparently for adults, will also play well with children of the same age group as its stars, those who are still not quite old to be considered adults and nor even proper "teenagers", but aren't kids as well anymore, and it's a fantastic premise since not a lot of movies tend to portrait this very, very confusing stage of our lives.

However, the reason this premise really works is not because it is meant to cause a lot of shocking, but because, like all childhood fantasies, there is a clean innocence that underlines even their dirtiest thoughts; It has the unwavering tenor of truth spoken by angels with (very) dirty faces among all four-letter words. It also helps that most of the time it is quite funny, even when it's easy to realize the direction these kids lives are taking, and maybe the end of the plot may not be the most mysterious, but that doesn't mean that the

Essentially, a simple adventure movie about three friends at the tender crossroads of childhood and adolescence, Good Boys is perhaps more honest than most stories about murderous clowns, upside down aliens or even finding a corpse on the railroad tracks. Rather, Max, Lucas, and Thor (Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon) just want to go to their first party in high school where they could kiss a girl. The need is even more urgent since their new sixth grade careers had a bad start when one of them could not drink a single sip of beer without nausea (the class record is really impressive; three sips).

To prepare for the big day of the party that could also be the day of their first kiss, Max could have lost his father's drone a little bit... While he was trying to spy on two girls at the university (Molly Gordon and Midori Francis).

The boys wanted to learn how to kiss, but the girls caught them and so, took away their drone as punishment, but as revenge, the so-called "Puff Band" stole the girls' backpack, what they didn't have in mind was that the girls had some illegal substances in them, and because of that they immediately became involuntary drug mules, sort of.

What follows is a low-risk odyssey with the weight that at most changes the lives of the three friends who, in an attempt to get to the party and avoid being punished for what they have done, they will evade the police, skip school and eventually go to war with a local fraternity in order to get away with their plan. Along the way, they will learn a life lesson about growing up, separating and also creating bonds.

Good Boys is an effective laugh because situations are fun in their familiarity +18, but the protagonists are not. The film recalls that they are still harmless children who, like all children, think they are more adults than they are. Being able to thread that while putting them in obscene pranks allows the movie to get away with it at every well-interpreted moment of this movie bro-movie. Except that the typical boys-men of the formula are real children here and, therefore, they are infinitely more charming to see behaving childishly. The parents are going to hate them.

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Genres: Comedy

Duration: 89min

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