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Choosing between Puss in Boots and F#*@BOIS can be confusing. After all, they have the same title. But if you watch F#*@BOIS, you will get the feeling that it is not really a movie. In fact, it is actually a comic book story.

Puss in Boots is a boy who joins the army and learns how to operate certain tools. The rest of the story takes place in Belgium where he stays with a German boy named Bois. In one of the episodes, the two boys were playing a game called "chess."

Every game was similar with the only difference being the size of the chess piece. When Puss was in last place, Bois said that his game was going to be a lot easier if he could have a bigger chess piece. And since it was the beginning of the game, he could not help but agree.

He had a chess piece, which was the size of an elephant. However, it was bigger than his own. Since it was a part of Bois' army, the two boy were given separate pieces. One of the two would have to destroy his own chess piece.

First of all, they were both given the same hand. So when they took turns, they would stand on their hands. There were also some obstacles that were placed around the board. The first to get all the pieces onto the board would win.

However, because they were two different kids, one was bound to miss the obstacles. And because he missed the obstacles, he would lose. When Bois asked if he could give him another chance, the other boy said that he was going to destroy the chess piece because it was an obstacle.

Although he did not know how to do this, he hit the glass. When he noticed the pain, Bois immediately realized that his hand was already bleeding. And it was not just blood. His whole hand was dripping. It was so deep that the blood had already seeped out from the palm of his hand.

He thought that this could not get any worse and thus, he pulled out his cell phone and called his mom. When he did this, his hand was quickly covered in blood. When the show started, it was then that the fake blood of Bois started dripping onto the floor. This was his chance to take out the real piece. He knew that he did not need any other chance.

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Genres: Drama

Duration: 96min

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