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The American director Brad Anderson, along with his production team consisting of Paul Schiff, Neal Edelstein, and Mike Macari; they bring to the big screen an original production of the colossus of digital visual entertainment platforms, Netflix, with a story written by Alan MacElroy; it was released on October 11, 2019.

This production features the performances of Australian actor Samuel Henry John Worthington in the leading role as King Monroe; the beautiful American actress Lily Rabe will play Mrs. Joanne Monroe; Little Lucy Capri will be Peri Monroe; Stephen Tobolowsky will be Dr. Belthram and finally, the British actress and presenter Adjoa Andoh will be Dr. Isaacs.

Roy Monroe is a man like any other, happily married and with a little daughter, a small family that enjoys life; Roy and Joanne organize a ride for Thanksgiving Day, decide to travel by cart to enjoy the places on the road.

After a long time traveling, Roy says he is exhausted and informs Joanne and little Peri, who must stop for a moment to rest and get some fresh air; they decide to do it at the next service station.

Upon arrival they park and go for a walk a little, very close to the station is a fairly large construction; Little Peri starts playing near the edge and unintentionally falls to the bottom of the building; her father desperate to help her throws herself behind her, both are badly injured and must be immediately transferred to the nearest hospital.

Upon arriving at the health center, doctors inform Roy that the girl suffered a fractured right arm and that they should perform some x-ray x-rays to rule out other possible injuries; and that in their case they should suture the wound on the head and then perform a tomography.

He is given a pain reliever while the suture is done, but the fatigue is stronger than him and he faints; a few hours later, Roy wakes up disoriented, and asks for information on the health status of his daughter Peri; in a very strange way he replies that nobody has information, because he arrived alone at the hospital.

Roy Monroe confused and without understanding what they say, he looks for doctors and nurses and explains that his daughter's name is Peri and that she is the little girl with a broken arm that was taken to the basement for x-ray plates.

The doctors and nurses ask him to calm down a bit and try to remember what happened, because he arrived alone at the hospital, maybe confused by the bruise on his head. Roy refuses to receive that answer and desperately seeks help from two police officers who are at the site; he tells them the story again and assures them that his daughter Peri and his wife Joanne are somewhere in the hospital.

The police meet with doctors and nurses, they explain that the patient is probably hallucinating because of the strong cerebral contusion since he came only to emergencies and using himself.

 Roy slips away and begins to check all areas of the hospital in search of his daughter and wife, after a couple of hours, Roy manages to reach the basement, where he discovers that his daughter is about to be operated to remove some organs; Monroe bursts into the operating room fighting all the staff present to prevent her daughter from being murdered, in the middle of the fight she causes an explosion with an oxygen cylinder which allows her to escape with the little girl and find Joanne.

But nothing is what it seems; really Roy if I arrive alone at the hospital and have a post-traumatic picture and psychological effects from the accident, added to the strong cerebral contusion.

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Genres: Thriller

Duration: 100min

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