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First Love

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Your first crush is the film that made you cry - if not with tears, at least with desire. It is your first real taste of love - that most strange entity all adults talked about in the early movies that you slowly began to learn. Despite how negatively or positively the experience unfolded, the first love still affects how you handle love in major ways, whether you know it or not. You may have a hard time finding true love later on, but you can lessen the risk of getting it by learning from the first one.

The first love you had has a great effect on your sense of otherness, of what is normal. You can relate to other people easier than with new people, and this makes you much more likely to trust them in return. In fact, you can be more open to dating when you have at least one true love to lean on in this way. Even if you haven't found the right person in the beginning, holding onto your first love can actually improve your chances of finding that person now, since you have some sort of foundation to build on. This helps keep you from wallowing in misery over failures that could have been better or easier than they really were.

One of the first things you need to let go of when you are ready to let go of your first love is the idea that a person is only worthy of your love when you are feeling certain things for them. It doesn't matter if you are smitten by them right away, or if your feelings are only loosely based on attraction. No one deserves your affections if you do not feel genuine. If you want to truly let go of your first love, you will have to allow yourself to let go of any guilt you might have felt about being smitten in the first place.

Many people get so wrapped up in having their first loves that they can no longer think outside the box. They feel like everything they do is love-related. Instead of looking at their actions from a logical point of view, they will often act in ways that seem totally out of character for them. Instead of thinking about how their actions are affecting other people, they often choose to act as if their actions don't matter at all. This is a problem because their actions sometimes mean more harm than good. Instead of allowing these feelings to dictate their actions, you will have to let go of them and learn to trust your heart instead.

One of the main reasons why a person feels so guilty over something that they did years ago is because they may represent a pattern of behavior that they learned while growing up. For instance, if your first love was someone else, you may represent that pattern in your own relationships with other people now. In fact, if you are still acting the same ways in your relationships with those first loves as you did then, this can be very problematic. You need to learn to trust your own heart when it comes to letting yourself fall in love with someone else.

If you find yourself acting strangely when you think about the first loves that you had, it may be because your mind dredges up memories of those relationships. While you want to believe that these feelings are strong and are not damaging to you or to the lives of others, your mind is pulling you back into an old memory and preventing you from moving forward. If you find yourself behaving strangely and acting without truly feeling any emotion, you need to learn to trust that part of you and give it room to move on. When you let go of old feelings, you will find that you can move forward without the fear of having them control your life.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama , Romance

Duration: 108min

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