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Netflix is really pushing its limits with the amount of original content they are filling their libraries with, there's no genre or topic that can escape, from comedies to romantic movies, they are really putting effort into keeping their streaming service at the top of the market, since these services are becoming more and more popular, and every major company seems to be interested in making their own, Disney included.

But sometimes less is more, especially in cases when the quantity is being held over quality, and in movies, this is particularly a terrible mistake, what's the case in having a wide library of awful movies and series? No one is going to watch them unless they are interesting, regardless of many times of their budget, cast, and or premise, and now we have another title that falls into this meaningless category: Eli.

Eli is a child who suffers from a rare and serious autoimmune disease that does not allow him to have any contact with the outside since he suffers an allergic reaction to unfiltered or previously purified air. Eli lives in a small bubble or plastic tent isolated from any external element until her parents decide to start the most unusual treatment in a gloomy house with no less gloomy medical equipment. It will not take long to realize that something is happening in that house, at least in appearance, supernatural.

This unique initial proposal keeps us expectant in its first stretch of footage. We are discovering together with the character of the child Eli the environment of the house and the strange Dr. Horn (Lili Taylor) and her no less strange medical and surgical procedures. Unfortunately, the film is gradually becoming more bland and repetitive in its plot. The body of the film is not very stimulating and it is not until the great final turn in which we wake up from lethargy.

It is an end to Shyamalan. That is, an end of these that you do not expect and that leaves you shocked. Eli's problem is that the road to it is somewhat cumbersome. A path free of quality elements in realization, assembly and with a somewhat neglected planning, make that ending somewhat decaffeinated and probably feels ridiculous for many spectators. Surely with another treatment of that narrative core could have been quite satisfactory. But this is not the case.

From the acting castle only dare to save the already tanned actress Kelly Reilly from burning, which we always remember for her starring role in the good gender exercise that Eden Lake (2008) assumed. The rest of the cast goes from the mediocre to the extremely lousy as is the case of Lili Taylor, who embodies the classic role of what is known as "mad scientist", and doesn't transmits the madness or the expected terror of this type of character at all.

The direction of Eli is in charge of the Irish director Ciarán Foy. Although with Citadel (2012) he obtained a moderately good reception by a large part of the critics and public, he drowned in the attempt to make a good sequel to the, at least interesting, also horror film, Sinister.

So, Eli, we think it is a film that stays in what could have been and, sadly, was not. After the suggestive initial premise, it sinks throughout its central section until it reaches an end that, despite having a rather unexpected turn, fails to trace enough to keep you with a good taste after watching the movie. And, as an announcement in the title of this review ... Shyamalan, there is only one!

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Genres: Horror

Duration: 98min

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