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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

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El Camino, the Netflix movie that serves as a continuation of one of the best series in history. We are simply quoting words from Vince Gilligan back in 2013. The Breaking Bad series has been one the best series ever created by the words of millions of people, the show has gained popularity and fans all over the world throughout the years to a point that if you haven't watched it, you know what it is or what it's about, or at the very very least, its name makes an eco effect every time you hear about it anywhere ¡Eveyone has at least heard about Breaking Bad! and this is no casualty.

After the events of Felina, that glorious closure of Breaking Bad, Jesse (Aaron Paul) manages to flee with uncertain destiny. Many wondered what would happen to the boy since it would not be easy for him to escape from a city that in minutes should be collapsed by police. 

It's not a new story, it's closure

The fear was immediately before the announcement of a film expanding the universe of the series: why would it be necessary to create a new story for something that does not need it? It turns out that El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie does not come to bring new plots or create a new story. It arrives as an epilogue, showing us that end that we supposed, just filling in some way the potholes that remained in the viewer's mind to reach that point.

Simple. Without turns, with no intention of stretching, El Camino feels like a bonus that we didn't need but that we can't despise either.

Gilligan doesn't try to overexploit a story that didn't need another minute of footage. He does not want to expand with the intention of giving rise to new sequels or spin-offs. He just shows us that closure now, having spent a reasonable time since the farewell.

A gift just for fans

Nothing new is added, there is no development with the complexity that made the series what it is, there are no moral dilemmas that place the viewer in an awkward situation. It could even be said that the script is too basic, far from the watchmaking jewels that we learned to appreciate in the series, is simply dedicated to Jesse jumping obstacles until achieving definitive freedom.

There are also no house seal visual games. Or, to be more precise and not too critical, they are present: but so much water has run under the bridge of the series in these years, that what seemed a novelty that fascinated us today has become something natural, with what every filmmaker plays, not allowing what we see on El Camino to reach even madness.

Aaron Paul looks right, emerging from the challenge of moving forward with a story for himself, he was always the perfect companion that balanced the true protagonist of this story, Walter White. The transformation of the character is not the merit of the film, but of the process that during 5 seasons made him the man he ended up being. El Camino does not make him grow, it gives him a final pat so that finally both Aaron and the spectators can release the character.

The cameos are there, the tributes are not lacking, the tension appears incorrect doses, the winks inhabit the two hours of duration waiting to be discovered. The magic of Breaking Bad lives —to the limit of agonizing— in El Camino, which comes to confirm with nostalgia the end we expected.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller

Duration: 123min

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