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Dora and the Lost City of Gold

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Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon present the real action of one of the most successful educational cartoons of this century; the creation of Valerie Wash Valdés and Chris Gifford arrives on the big screen for the United States of America, on August 9, 2019, and is directed by James Bobin, and produced by Kristin Burr.

It features the performances of, the young actress and singer of Peruvian origin Isabela Moner, who will play the main character of Dora Márquez; the Mexican Michael Antonio Peña will be Dora's father, Cole Márquez; the also Mexican Eugenio Derbez will be Alejandro Gutiérrez; the famous actress Eva Longoria will be Elena Márquez, Mother of Dora; Jeff Wahlberg will play Dora's famous cousin Diego; Australian actress Madeleine Madden is Sammy; the experienced Mexican actress Adriana Barraza will be Grandma Valerie; the New Zealander Temuela Morrison will be Powell, the Chilean Pía Miller will be Mami; Isela Vega will be the Elder and the young Peruvian singer Q’orianka Kilcher will be the Inca Princess Kawilaka.

Dora is the daughter of a couple of adventurous explorers, Elena and Cole, currently in the deep Peruvian jungle; There coexists with his cousin Diego and his pet the monkey Boots, also fantasizes about his imaginary friends, life goes to his backpack and his map.

A day like any other, Dora receives shocking news, her cousin Diego will go away to be with her family, she will go to the United States of America, and she will stay in the jungle of Peru with her parents trying to find the city of gold.

Ten years have elapsed since that day, Elena and Cole finally manage to decipher the location of the city of gold; but they believe the expedition will be dangerous, so they send Dora to her cousin Diego in Los Angeles, California; there he will enter secondary school and can study with his cousin.

Dora still lives as if she were in the jungle of Peru, continues with her imaginary friends and her monkey Boots, which shames her cousin Diego, for him childhood has passed, has matured and is a teenager like any other.

During a school trip to the history museum, Dora befriends Sammy and Randy; With those who sneak up to the non-exhibited antiques, there they are captured by a group of mercenaries who take her back to Peru. Upon landing they are rescued by an old acquaintance of Dora's parents, Alejandro.

The mercenaries are after Dora's parents, since they say they discovered the city of gold, and Dora is the key to finding them and stealing all the treasure that is there. After being rescued by Alejandro, Dora realizes that his map was stolen by the mercenaries.

Alejandro tells Dora that he has terrible news to give him, Elena and Cole have disappeared and fear they are lifeless; but Dora refuses to believe that and does not give up, so she prepares to go to her rescue, Alejandro decides to accompany her.

The adventures of this trio telling the Monkey Boots will be full of obstacles and surprises, they will have to face many tests until they can find Dora the Explorer's parents, from quicksand to killer insects, passing through the hostile protective tribes of the city of I pray, to Alejandro's betrayal by revealing that he is the leader of the mercenaries.

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Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Family

Duration: 102min

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