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Dilan 1991

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After Dilan 1990 (Fajar Bustomi, Pidi Baiq, 2018), Dilan and Milea's love story now continues through Dilan 1991. With the text of a story still written by Titien Wattimena based on a novel titled Dilan Part Two: She Is My Self in 1991 written by Baiq, Dilan 1991 revolves around the relationship between Dilan (Iqbaal Ramadan) and Milea (Vanesha Prescilla) who are now officially dating.

The young couple's love story, unfortunately, later encountered obstacles when Dilan was again involved in a fight that led him to be stopped by the police and threatened to be expelled from his school. Milea is clearly upset with Dilan's behavior and threatens to end their relationship if Dilan does not stop getting involved in several fiefdoms along with his motorcycle gang. Unexpectedly, because he did not like to feel restrained by anyone, Dilan decided to abandon his love story and then began to stay away from Milea.

If the 1990 Dilan focuses more on Dilan's character, and how the character seeks to capture the attention and heart of Milea's character, then 1991 Dilan focuses most of his attention on Milea's character. Fortunately, the change in focus was able to provide a series of new colors for the narrative timeline of the film.

He no longer only presents a line of poetic dialogue that often sounds ridiculous when delivered by the character Dilan, 1991 Dilan seemed more direct when exploring the interwoven relationships by the character Milea along with other secondary characters that in the previous film lacked a deep development.

Just look at the dynamics of the relationship between Milea's character with her parents (Muhammad Farhan and Happy Salma) or with the character's mother Dilan (Ira Wibowo), who successfully presented herself as a crucial element in the presentation of warm moments and Emotional in this movie.

Unfortunately, when Dilan 1991 was able to appear one step ahead in the development of a series of conflicts and secondary characters, this film felt two steps back in the presentation of stories related to the two main characters. The romance conflict that formed between the character of Dilan and the character of Milea is nothing more than a repetition of Dilan 1990 that did not get any renewal or development at all when the only conflict in the relationship between the two main characters Dilan was made 1991.

The presence of new characters along the way the story of this movie could not seem binding either. The character of Yugo (Jerome Kurnia), who is told to try to approach Milea, actually has great potential to become an interesting conflict. However, history never had the opportunity to be elaborated more deeply.

The 1991 Dilan story script also seemed to be more concerned with developing momentary moments rather than trying to establish a more intact narrative unit. Some of these moments managed to give an impressive appearance. The majority, unfortunately, felt more frequently as scenes that fill time and could have been eliminated and would not affect the continuity of the main conflict.

One that is quite disturbing is the existence of the scene of a teacher (Ence Bagus) who is told to harbor a feeling of admiration for Milea's character. Not only is the scene a completely useless presence, fun? No, the scene actually feels creepy and inappropriate, joking with the phrase "You're sexy". Describing the relationship between a teacher and students who are clearly much younger.

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