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Descendants 3

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This Friday, August 9, 2019 arrived the long-awaited third part of Descendants by the Disney Channel. From 20:30 we were able to see Mal, Eve, Jay and Carlos again in new adventures to keep the peace in Auradon and, in passing, achieve fair conditions for the Island of the Lost in the company of the characters presented in the two first deliveries, as well as new children of villains exclusive of Descendants 3.

Peace in Auradon has come after Uma's departure, although Mal still has her reservations since he knows her very well. For his part, King Ben has agreed to bring four more children from the Island and enroll them in the same program as the original four. And it is precisely on this visit when something out of the planned happens, one of the villains tries to escape taking advantage of the opening of the barrier; However, Mal manages to avoid it with his powers.

Unfortunately, the incident is televised live generating panic in Auradon and now Bella, Beast, Mal and Ben must make a decision to protect the kingdom. This is how Maleficent's daughter decides to close the barrier forever since for her it is the wisest decision even if that means breaking her promise to return to take the villains' children one by one and of course, not seeing her own mother

However, during the birthday of Jane, daughter of the Fairy Godmother, a strange threat manifests itself in the Kingdom and now it will be up to our heroes to find out who he is and how to stop him, even if that forces them once again to return to the Island of the Lost and team up with those who least thought. With new songs, costumes and characters, what seems to be the last installment of the original Disney saga comes with everything.

The premiere of Descendants 3 comes a few days after the release of the movie's soundtrack under the Walt Disney Records label. The album is available on digital platforms and features new original songs such as "Good to Be Bad", "My Once Upon a Time" and "Queen of Mean", as well as a new version of the classic song "Rotten to The Core" from the first installment of the saga. In addition, fans can enjoy more franchise music content on the official Walt Disney Records YouTube account.

One of the new faces we will see on the tape is that of Cheyenne Jackson in the role of Hades. This will undoubtedly be one of the big surprises for Disney fans due to the charismatic character and talent of the person who plays it. No doubt this villain will talk about, both the costumes and his song go completely with the personality of the villain of Hercules.

A great success is the plot, it is much more entertaining than the second part and the musical numbers are exceptional, you could not expect less from a Disney musical. Each character has their own rhythm in the songs and they show their ability to adapt to different styles, from ballads to rap, rock and hip-hop. The choreographies are very entertaining, always in accordance with the narrative and with a display of dancers as we are accustomed to.

The costumes are another element worth highlighting since they not only used the colors of each villain to design their children's clothes. We can see Audrey, the Sleeping Beauty's daughter, wear a pink suit almost identical to Aurora's on the posters. The colored wigs helped characterize each one so that the viewer felt immersed in that air of fantasy worthy of fairy tales but with a touch of modernity, remember, the story focuses on teenagers.

The film is dedicated to Cameron Boyce (Carlos), who died on July 6, as this was his last project.

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