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Dark Phoenix

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix is ​​the grand finale of the last era of the X-Men. This is a particularly important premiere, as it is the last mutant film that Fox will produce before being absorbed by Disney. Thanks to the empire of the mouse of the big round ears, the Avengers and the mutants finally belong to the same company, and that opens up a world of possibilities for future productions. All this, makes ‘Dark Phoenix’ a double-edged sword: it could go very well or it could go very bad. In this case, unfortunately, the balance leans more towards disaster.

The film takes us back to Professor X's school, where we focus on Jean Gray, the powerful telepath played by Sophie Turner. Her powers had never been very stable, but, after a reckless mission, they seem to be out of control. The aim of the film was to develop this problem and give us a more complete background on Jean, but they have not achieved it at all. Recall that the story of Jean and Dark Phoenix had already been taken to the movies in X-Men: The Final Decision, but it was an absolute failure. They introduced so many parallel plots that, in the end, the Jean Gray of Famke Janssen became blurred.

In this new adaptation, Sophie Turner manages to attract all eyes, but the general feeling is to be watching another movie about Charles Xavier. It is a common failure to many deliveries of this saga: the role always ends up in the male characters. On this occasion, although the transformation of Jean into Dark Phoenix is ​​the main motivation of the whole film, it has almost more weight how this affects the Professor than how it affects her.

However, Sophie Turner's performance is impeccable, as is James McAvoy's, Michael Fassbender's and Jessica Chastain's. The cast of the X-Men has always been characterized by having big names, and this group of actors is not far behind. It is the film that is not up to it. The fluctuations in the motivation of Magneto is something that we have become accustomed to with the new generation of mutants, but in this last installment it becomes too obvious. And not only him. As a result, we have a handful of poorly defined characters that wander aimlessly through the film.

It is not a good start for Simon Kinberg as director, who has been overcome by the demands of a choral story. We only get to know three or four main characters, and their development is not even worthwhile of this film, but of previous deliveries. The others are relegated to the background that almost looks like a tenth. We do not know anything that moves Storm, Quicksilver or NightCrawler, when in other films we do have at least some details of the secondary characters. Not even the intriguing Jessica Chastain manages to leave a mark.

However, the main problem is the script: flat, obvious and almost merely expository. It has a fairly powerful beginning, with several dialogues between Charles and Jean that foreshadow something big and emotional. But it is its only moment of brilliance. During the rest of the movie we have to be happy with lines so absurd that they generate unintentionally funny moments. Because of this lack of care in the script, the film is much less enjoyable than it should, considering the spectacular special effects and the soundtrack. It is simply not credible and fails to connect with the public.

On the other hand, the development of the premise itself does not allow great wonders with dialogues. Despite being a "second attempt," they have not fully exploited the potential of Dark Phoenix. Both the motivations of the characters and the displays of power are the same as always. This does not have to be intrinsically bad. Captain Marvel, for example, has shown that you can work with threshed arguments and get a good result. Jean Gray will not be the first or the last to travel the hero's journey that is debated between the forces of good and evil, but if you do not add anything new you end up leaving the public with the feeling of seeing more than same.

As is customary in this franchise, female characters are the ones who get worse off standing. If they do not die to shoot the plot of men, they match them with anyone without making much argumentative sense. We have to thank, of course, that they have not introduced Jean Gray's love triangle with Cyclops and Wolverine. Even so, her relationship with the former is very unbelievable: the actors have no chemistry and nothing in the plot makes us think that Jean may love him as more than a friend. As happened in Avengers: Endgame with the scene that brings together all the superheroines, in this saga it seems that they also believe that such a moment is enough to compensate for everything else. But as much as Mística jokes about the “X-Women”, they still have a long way to go to learn how to treat their female characters well.

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