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Crawl works great and we tell you why next. With a simple script written by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, Alexandre Aja composes a film that knows how to maintain tension and also takes advantage of his scenery, created ex professed for the film.

And is that when you discover that Florida shown on the tape is a recreation in Serbia you can only admire the production design and art direction that, as a starting point, completely deceive you from the beginning.

As we said, its plot does not reinvent the wheel: it is a survival story in a very specific location so that almost all the action takes place in a well-defined environment. In its favor, it must be said that Aja knows how to place us in space and take advantage of how gloomy the foundations of a house are.

In addition, there are some incentives that make the formula work especially well, making Crawl very satisfactory within its genre: the successful casting, with a magnificent Kaya Scodelario (seen before also in bland roles such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge), and the background given to him as the main character whose obstacle to overcome is his lack of self-confidence and an extreme level of self-demand.

In the end, the film meets as a horror and suspense movie and also on a secondary level as a family drama developing very well an emotional paternal-filial relationship and credible.

It all starts with the presentation of Haley, a woman trained to be the number one but who nevertheless fails to achieve the goals that she proposes as a swimmer. At the end of the competition, she checks how her father seems to have disappeared. Nor does he answer her messages or her calls, which drives her to go looking for him.

The weather does not work in her favor: a category 5 hurricane is about to ravage Florida and a police cordon prevents you from approaching your home. Haley, however, decides to skip it in the hope of finding his father and putting him safe.

After a tense search, she finds him unconscious and injured: he seems to have been attacked by a large predator while making repairs to the foundations. And they are not alone down there, so, while trying to save his life the level will rise and they will realize that they could be disadvantaged underwater.

There are technical aspects that deserve our attention: how well continuity and sound design are taken care of. Both aspects are crucial when it comes to setting up a film that develops largely in real-time and almost in a single scenario and in which credibility is essential.

Some final turn seems too fanciful and breaks that credibility built on the basis of good creative decisions, but they are concessions to a genre that today seems destined to an exaggerated spectacularity... In this sense, at least, it must be said that the CGI is well measured and serves to support traditional special effects so that the integrity of the story is not compromised in excess.

Crawl is much better than that augurs its title: an effective summer entertainment, well composed and highly recommended in which, by the way, there is no shame in showing the threat or in maintaining an adequate duration for the product as a whole. Lasts what has to last, fortunately, and the characters are decently portraited and credible enough for you to have a sense of empathy with them and therefore, connect with the movie.

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Genres: Horror , Thriller

Duration: 88min

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