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Cold Blood

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One of the movies that you must see at least once in your life is, "Cold Blood." It is one of the most fascinating movies ever made, not only for it's interesting plot line and character development, but also for its heartbreaking ending.

The film was directed by Quentin Tarantino. This movie has a lot of humor, disturbing elements, action and shocking endings. There are some sequels and even other films from this series exist, most notably, the new movie, "Reservoir Dogs."

The actors in this movie were very good. They all have their own distinct characters and it is obvious they have great chemistry together. Many of the actors in this movie have become famous today. However, there are some of them that you might not know yet.

Kill's last name is Quentin. Although he did not do any acting before, he has been in many Hollywood films, including TV shows like, "Laverne & Shirley"Six Feet Under." He was most known for playing The Governor on, "The Walking Dead" season 2.

The actor that was the biggest surprise for me was Vincent D'Onofrio. I had no idea that he would turn out to be a great actor, but he did.

Darren is the father of Juliette. He was very young and unmarried when he died in the movie. I found him to be a little too thin for his age, so he seemed a little off with some of the scenes.

They also put a fictional sports team into the movie. You can tell which team they are because it is written right on the back of the uniforms. Of course, it was just a joke, but it was funny nonetheless.

Overall, this movie is a great movie, even though it is not for everyone. Although, the first half is very controversial and depressing, the ending is a lot more beautiful and less painful. Overall, you should definitely check this movie out.

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Genres: Action , Thriller

Duration: 91min

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