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Code 8

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Code Eight is a new Italian comedy movie directed by Luciano and starring Vittorio Gelli and Enrico Montoya. The movie is based on the Italian comic book "Ghetto," which is an Italian comic book series with a very successful story line, which was written by Luciano. Code Eight is a black comedy movie that is entertaining and a must see movie. If you are a black comic book fan, this is one movie that you must see.

Giuliano writes the story of an Italian family living in a housing project in the ghetto, where everyone is in deep poverty and lives under constant danger. A boy named Mario is born, and the family finds the courage to fight for their rights. The movie follows their struggle against the prejudice of the Italian community in the United States.

The movie starts with a man trying to figure out who is his father. He is very interested in this because Mario is a part of his family history and he wants to find out who he is.

Mario is a super smart boy who can talk to people, do math and is a great athlete. He is also very smart in terms of music and knows what everyone is talking about. He is a great athlete, but he has a hard time with academics. When the two become friends, they realize that they have a lot in common. They start working together and become good friends.

Mario and his family are the perfect example of an Italian family. They live in a housing project and the only thing that they have is a home, but they are also very proud. The only problem with their story is that they are not a complete family, as their father has left them and they do not have their mother to support them.

Code Eight is a movie that everyone should see. It has an amazing plot, which is an amazing story, and a great cast of characters.

Code Eight is rated R for violence, sexual content, nudity and language. It is an awesome movie that is sure to entertain its viewers for hours. I was very impressed with how the story was told and the acting skills of both the lead character and the supporting cast. The story is entertaining and the acting is good.

Code Eight is a movie that I highly recommend for all ages. If you love the classic black and white comic books and Italian movies, this is definitely for you!

Code Eight will definitely amaze you. It will bring you back to a time when Italians were the dominant race in the United States. States, and you will not be able to look at another movie the same.

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