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Chasing the Dragon 2 : Master of Ransom

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The Chinese film industry presents a new installment of "Chasing the Dragon" delving a little more into a retrospective genre of its most famous criminals, this time we would go back to the early nineties, and presents the last years of life of the famous kidnapper Cheung Tze-Keung better known as 'Big Spencer'.

Set in Hong Kong, written, directed and produced by Master Wong Jing, and starring Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Gordon Lam, Sabrina Qiu, and Louis Koo, arrives at the Chasing The Dragon II Wild Wild Bunch movie theaters, and its premiere was held on June 6, two thousand nineteen.

This film was very well received by the general audience, with seventy-five percent acceptances and a score of seven on a scale of one to ten. It is important to highlight that despite belonging to the same franchise (Chasing The Dragon) for a continental marketing strategy, using as a springboard the success of its predecessor King of the Drug Dealers; Wild Wild Bunch is not a sequel, nor does it continue the story of drug dealer Ng Sek-ho who supplied drugs to the city of Hong Kong in the 1960s under the corrupt gaze of the British colony. On the contrary, the only thing they have in common is the cinematographic genre of action and violence.

During the last years of the nineties a criminal named Logan began a wave of kidnappings that filled with fear to the inhabitants of the capital city of the Asian giant, this dreaded criminal mainly attacks the most powerful and wealthy families in Hong Kong, taking hostage chiefly the children of the leaders. In nineteen ninety-seven, Logan captures the children of an important businessman from that country, Li and Lui, for whom I request the exorbitant sum of two billion Hong Kong dollars, which would be around two hundred fifty-five million US dollars, a considerable amount not only for the time, but for the present.

One of Logan's sine qua non conditions was that under no circumstances could victims go to the authorities, since they had infiltrated personnel and if there was any alert, they immediately killed the victims; and the same would happen if after the release of the hostages.

Logan every day covered more and more territory in China, began to control the most important cities of the country in terms of kidnappings and proposed to transcend China's borders; local, regional and international authorities set out firmly to end the criminal and his entire network of kidnappers, so they took the best man for that job, agent Sky had to infiltrate Logan's gang and report his location to be captured.

The now undercover agent Sky must stand out to be able to scale positions within the organization and gain the confidence of the leaders that would be the only way to get to Logan, so he does not wait to get his attention.

Logan is an extremely careful and meticulous man, very intelligent, leaving no loose ends, so he tests Agent Sky before accepting him in his circle of close people; to which it responds according to expectations. Thanks to the intelligence work of the undercover agent, the authorities already know the possible locations of the famous criminal, however, there is no single complaint against him, so they cannot arrest him, and they must wait at the time of the kidnapping.
Sky is impatient to know the details of the next intervention; Logan begins to suspect the undercover agent and puts another test in his way, but he does not intuit it, he has informed his superiors about Logan's plans.

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