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Charlie's Angels

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The Charlie's Angels Movie had its recent premiere in cinemas last week. From its website, it is expected to reach its wide release soon. After its release, I would like to review the movie and write an overview of this series of action movies.

They are a group of fighter pilots, who love each other but mostly ignore the fact that their character is based on the television show of the same name. They also have four 'girlfriends' that they work with in a field organization. They are lead by two old fashioned fighters named Lieutenant Col. K. Brett and Lt. Col. E.L. Tom, whose nicknames are based on the popular television shows.

The main character of the series is Victor Ortega, a car mechanic from Riverside, California. In the beginning, he was attracted to pilot Maria Ramirez, until she dumped him, saying that he did not have any initiative for her. He starts to fight and improve his skill while teaching himself to fly and study other types of plane, to be more dangerous and durable.

The story has many humorous and comical events. For example, after Victor does not know how to jump, he tries with ease to perform the same task using different maneuvers with Maria. She then laments that she cannot do the same.

Meanwhile, a group of Russian mafia types hired a Russian female mercenary to murder Maria. She refused to participate in the murder, claiming that she had 'too much' to do and killed the mafia instead. Later, a religious cult recruits Maria to kill them, but also do not reveal their identities. When the truth was known, Maria realizes the mistake she made and promises to never return to Russia again.

As a bonus, there isa heavy metal soundtrack that plays when the movie starts. It seems like it is a part of the show that has been absent until now. The final part is in fact the movie itself. This movie ends as it starts, with a teaser that hints at a bigger surprise.

The movie is a great success in its own right, but it also provides a great insight into the world of screen heroes, who are no longer afraid to take risks, showing how they do not hesitate to trust their friends and risk their lives to accomplish their objectives. There are many hints that this movie will never leave the cinema halls, with the ever present flame of the old TV show.

The Charlie's Angels Movie will definitely make its way into many fans' lists, no matter how many sequels or remakes are released. It will be remembered for its action and humor, and for its tight production value. So far, it is one of the best action movies of the year, but there are a lot of viewers who will soon be reminding themselves of the famous TV show with the same name.

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Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy

Duration: 118min

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