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With a variety of movies available in the market today, why do most people still prefer to watch the original ones? You can say that it is true that with the development of technology, and the availability of online streaming services and videos, a lot of people get more entertainment from them. The selection and convenience offered by online services make it easier for most people to pick a desired movie for watching without going anywhere.

Watching a favorite movie is a unique experience. It gives you an opportunity to explore the side of human creativity and intellect. The way things are made, the way a human can behave, the way a person's intelligence works and everything else that happens on screen are all difficult to imagine in words. This is exactly why people prefer watching movies to reading books on bookshelves.

Most of the time, a movie is a film that is based on a book, even though the movie that was made years ago has been aired several times. This is because it was not possible to stage a big budget movie back then and audiences liked it. However, the same thing cannot be said about today's movies. Many of them cost a lot of money and thus, they have to be done professionally. Therefore, these movies can only be seen on DVD and the online sites, where the DVDs are available for a smaller price.

There are different kinds of movies and the versions that can be seen on a DVD have been adapted to suit different tastes. This is the reason why some of the younger generation prefer the online DVD stores to watch the movies in theaters.

For example, most of the films that feature a cat lover in them are also given a special feature in the online version, even if they contain more or less the same plots. These movies are indeed more interesting, as a cat lover will surely enjoy himself viewing the series of movies about cats. Of course, the cat fanatics would prefer watching the cat lover as well as the cats playing together on the screen, as most of these movies have a lot of laughs in them.

The catalog of the online movie services have a lot of cat fans in them, so you can be sure that you would find a movie based on cats in their catalogue of movies. Some of them have cut-throat competitions to create unique cat flicks in each movie, which makes them more interesting.

In addition, you can also see other series of movies based on cats. One of the serie that you can see on the online websites is the series of the TV show The Cats of Hollywood. This is a series about famous celebrity cats that were usually cast in the series of movies and tv shows.

You can see them as the stars of the series, but sometimes you can even see them in the background. Also, the serie features many changes, including the switch of stars and the names of the famous celebrities. This is one of the reasons why you should definitely give it a try when you visit these websites, because this is what happens when you visit the sites with the new series of cats and kitten flicks.

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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Fantasy

Duration: 110min

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