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Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel.

This film originates in the mid-eighties, being the second superhero chronologically speaking after Captain Steve Roger, however the story begins in space, on a distant planet called HALA located in the great cloud of Magellan, which serves as capital of the Kree Empire, an alien race of military war culture, of great technological advancement and with the greatest scientific knowledge of the universe.

Their lives Vers, a powerful warrior member of the special combat forces Kree, who maintains a recurring nightmare in which she makes contact with a woman, in an archaic world, who tries to convey something to her.

Vers is cited by the supreme intelligence for a routine check, which states that he is ready for his first mission, but that he must control his emotions, and maintains mental sobriety at all times.

Together with his commander Yon-Rogg and his unitmates, Vers is heading to the rescue of a Kree soldier who was undercover in a Skrull community, the historical enemies of the Empire, they ambush Vers where he is captured and transported to Commander Talos Skrull's ship, there it is connected to a machine capable of scanning the memory and storing the information collected on a glass.

Surprisingly Vers regains consciousness in the middle of the process and visualizes the woman of dreams; manages to dodged and escape by stealing a probe that takes it directly to the ground, where it lands forcefully on the roof of a store.
A citizen who patrolled the place contacted the local authorities, who upon arriving at the scene decided to notify a higher ranking agency, so agent Nicky Fury and his rookie partner Phil Coulson of the agency S.H.I.E.L.D.

Fury manages to make contact with Vers, but does not believe anything she tells him, until a Skrull attacks them unexpectedly causing a chase through the city, Vers manages to intercept the visitor from space and recover the crystal where his memory is stored.

Seeing what happens, Fury decides to collaborate with soldier Kree, who through a photo manages to recognize the place where his recurring nightmare takes place; with the help of Fury, Vers manages to enter the base archives and get his file, which shows that he died during a military exercise in test flight experimenting with a prototype acceleration engine; Inside the file is the photograph of Dr. Wendy Lawson, head of the engine design division, whom she distinguishes as the person trying to tell her something in the dream.

The file indicates as a contact person the officer Maria Rambeu, now retired and dedicated to her little daughter Monica, both living in New Orleans.

The Skrull are creatures capable of changing shape according to the environment where they are, Talos took the form of the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Keller, who shows up at the base and gives the intruder alert, causing Fury and Vers to be forced to steal a light cargo plane to flee, set course to New Orleans to visit his friend Maria
Upon arriving at the home of the former Rambeu pilot, Vers causes a great commotion in them since they believed her dead after the plane crash, she tells him what she believes is her life and immediately let her know that none of that is true, starting because his real name is not Vers, it is Carol Danvers, an earthling.

Talos and company are waiting for them inside the house, this time in a peaceful way, and explain that the engine created by Dr. Wendy Lawson would be implemented to mobilize the Skrull communities and put them safe from the evil Kree warriors.

Now that Carol knows the truth about her origin and has discovered the true intentions of the Kree Empire and her former commander and friend Yon-Rogg, she must act accordingly to protect the earth and restore the thrust of Dr. Lawson.

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Duration: 124min

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