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Founded by Michael and Katheryne Bierman in 2020, Away has consistently delivered high-quality, well-designed suitcases at a reasonable discount. This versatile bag is designed to be both functional and trendy. In addition to featuring sleek lines and subtle colors, Away also offers numerous accessories to further enhance its overall appearance and functionality.

Founded with an extensive mission to create an exciting and chic bag, Away features a classic design with contemporary features. This lightweight bag is designed for professional travelers, those who enjoy traveling, or simply someone looking for something sturdy to pack away their belongings without the stress of weight. The bags are designed in a standard size, which means they will be suitable for all sizes and shapes of bags. Offered in two different styles: casual and formal, the bag is ideal for anyone who is on the go. With a large pocket, oversized zippered handles, and a spacious interior, this luggage set is perfect for those who love to travel and enjoy being in style. The luggage set is made of 100% premium leather, which makes it very durable and long lasting. A popular feature of the luggage set is the "Flap Bag," which is available for additional convenience and added style.

While the basic design of the bags allows it to carry both items and liquids, each bag is designed for a specific purpose. For example, there is the Classic Flip Bag, which features an open top pocket and two removable laptop sleeves. This bag is suitable for anyone who travels with their laptop because it features a large zippered exterior pocket. Additionally, the bag includes a large internal compartment, as well as one main zippered pocket. These features make the bag perfect for a laptop and other accessories, allowing the traveler to carry everything they need. A unique feature of the bags is the "Bagless Bags" feature, which means that everything is contained within the main bag.

For the most stylish of travelers, the Style Flip Bag is designed with a black leather exterior, along with a classic style that features multiple pockets and a removable laptop sleeve. The interior features an adjustable handle for ease of carrying. The bag is also constructed from the highest quality leather, giving it the ability to stand up to heavy duty daily use. When traveling with a large backpack or a laptop bag, the Bagless Bags feature is the ideal choice. because everything is contained within the main bag, without the backpack taking up any more space.

If you are searching for the ultimate bag, then the Style Stretch Bags is perfect for you. These luggage sets feature a white exterior with black stitching and are available in a large variety of sizes to fit a wide range of needs. There are several pockets and side compartments for storage. The interior features one main zippered pocket for easy access to your laptop or other accessories, while the outside pocket can be used for larger items such as bottles of water or snacks. Each bag also has an adjustable, zipped main compartment.

If you want to get the look of a designer bag but do not want to spend a lot of money, the Bamboo Bags is for you. Made from bamboo wood, these bags offer a classic look with a touch of elegance. The bags feature a black exterior with a red trim and two zippered exterior pockets that feature adjustable handles.

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