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Avengers: Endgame

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Avengers End Game.

Thanos fulfilled his promise, eliminated fifty percent of life in the universe with the snap of the gauntlet and the six gems, now according to his theory the balance of the universe is balanced.

Tony and Nebula wander in the space aboard Peter Quill's Milan, they have the hours counted, there are no more supplies and oxygen runs out. The rest of the survivors are on earth trying to find Thanos, but it is too late, they have been defeated and half of the land population was turned to ashes.

When everything seems to come to an end, a ray of hope appears, Carol Danvers rescues the dying Stark and returns him to the earth, where Steve Roger, Pepper, Natasha, Rocket and Rhode receive him.

Rocket manages to locate a flow of energy similar to what was recorded on earth at the time of Thanos click, this time on a distant planet flat Garden. Immediately they enlist and board the Milan to go to recover the gems and try to reverse the damage caused by Thanos.

The first to attack is Carol Danvers, then the HulkBuster and War Machine appear, which hold him while Thor rips his arm with Stormbreaker, Rocket observes that the gems are no longer attached to the gauntlet, Steve asks where the gems are; Thanos explains that he destroyed them so that his action was irreversible.

Five years have passed since that time; The Avengers initiative is practically dissolved, each of them took different paths.

In a parking lot in the city of San Francisco, an unexpected event occurs; thanks to a rodent Scott Lang manages to return from the quantum universe; When he learns what happened he goes to the Avengers operations center, where he finds Natasha and Steve Rogers, Scott explains that it comes from the quantum universe where the laws of physics and space time is different from what we traditionally know, in the world we know 5 years have passed, but in the quantum universe it was only five hours.

This gives them an idea and a little hope of recovering everything lost, for this they turn to the brightest mind on earth, Tony Stark, who tells them that it is absurd and impossible to travel back in time.

Steve and the others do not give up and in the face of Stark's refusal seek help from his friend and genius, Dr. Bruce Banner, who has surprisingly changed his appearance, Bruce agrees to help but warns them that it is not his field of expertise.

While the team starts testing with Dr. Hank Pym's machine; Tony keeps thinking about the loss of his friend and pupil, the young Peter Parker; he knows that perhaps there is a small possibility of bringing him back, so he makes a calculation with the help of V.I.E.R.N.E.S, which yields an extraordinary positive result.

Tony reflects with his wife, and decides to help his former teammates Avengers recover the gems and restore everything Thanos destroyed. Design a GPS device that will allow you to set the place and date you want to travel to. But before joining the group he clarifies his priorities to Steve, he doesn't want to alter anything in his current life, and he won't risk his life.

That way the extraordinary adventure of the most powerful heroes of the universe begins, which will fill us with emotions and shocks, sorrows and joys, but above all it will surprise us again and again throughout the almost two hundred minutes.

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Duration: 181min

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