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Summit Entertainment presents a new action and science fiction production by director-writer and producer Luc Besson, whom we remember for films of similar cuts such as the Femme Nikkita, the film was released on June 21, 2019, for the United States of America; and on July 10 of the same year for France.

The acting cast is composed of the Russian model and actress Sasha Luss, playing the protagonist Anna Poliatova; Wales Luke Evans is Alexander Tchencov; the experienced English actress Helen Mirren is Olga; Irish musician and actor Cillian Murphy is Leonard Miller; Russian actor Alexander Andreevic Petrov is also Petyr; Nikita Pavlenko is Vlad; Aleksey Maslodudov is Jimmy; Anna Krippa is Nika; Eric Gordon is Vasseliev; Jean Baptista Puech is Samy, and Ivan Franek is Mossan.

Anna is a beautiful woman who has been through many difficult situations in life, one of them is physical abuse; sunk in a deep depression, he believes that the solution to his problems is to take his own life.

An officer of the Russian state security committee named Alex; he knows Anna's story and offers him the opportunity to enter the KGB; without more nothing in his way and without being convinced of it, accepts the proposal and enlists in the security body; the battered girl stands out throughout the year of training, finishing as the best recruit, so she is assigned in the custody of Olga, who for five years will teach her the trade of murderer.

Once those five years have elapsed, Anna will be able to withdraw from the ranks of the KGB and regain her full freedom, being able to continue her civilian life; but the superiors of the Russian security agency do not agree to let Anna go, so they must eliminate her at the end of the deadline.

Anna is assigned to a mission in Paris, France, where she must impersonate a catwalk model; during the work it is observed that there are other possible objectives; Anna meets her goals and eliminates her victims; but the CIA is already in its footsteps and during an extraordinary operation by the US agency, Anna is captured and taken into custody.

At that time they propose to join their ranks and work for them occupying the figure of the double agent; Anna makes a counter-proposal, she accepts the mission on the condition of obtaining her freedom once she achieves the objectives and with the promise of life within the witness protection system on American soil.

After a few hours, the CIA accepts its terms and is assigned under the guidance of special agent Miller, who facilitates his first mission; he must assassinate director Vassiliev of the KGB; this with the purpose of removing the stone of trance that can lead to new diplomatic relations between both organisms.

Vassiliev has been murdered, and Anna fulfills her mission, but things get complicated when both agencies ask the murderer for jobs. In search of a way out, he organizes two simultaneous meetings, one with his KGB officer Alex, and another with his CIA Miller officer; with both, you use the same speech, you want to sell information that you obtained from the opposite side in order to obtain your freedom.

When leaving the meetings, his mentor Olga sets him a trap and injures him lethally, but that movement was already expected so he uses a fake body to pretend his death and escape to start a new life; but may Anna evade the most powerful security agencies in the world.

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Genres: Action , Thriller

Duration: 119min

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