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Alita: Battle Angel

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20th Century Fox and James Cameron present us with an adaptation of Yukito Kishiro's Japanese manga called GUNNM, directed by Robert Rodríguez and produced by Master James Cameron, who was also responsible for adapting the script; the 3D digital format film of the action genre was released on February fourteenth of two thousand and nineteen in theaters.

As a curious fact we can mention that the rights of the film were acquired by the ubiquitous Disney on March nineteenth of two thousand nineteen, this motivated to the great success he had and his great box office collection adding up to an amount close to five hundred million dollars, just one month after its premiere.

James Cameron had the idea in mind to develop this production since the beginning of the year two thousand, and I am in love with the content of Yukito Kishiro's work, according to statements by Cameron himself, the content is fascinating and captures the attention of anyone.

But it was not until the seventeenth of October of two thousand sixteen that the shooting of the film began, beginning in the city of Austin, in Texas, and concluded about six months later. Its date of presentation to the public was initially planned for the twenty-first of December of two thousand eighteen, but was postponed due to image problems.

The reception of this extraordinary film was generally positive, by the general public and lovers of futuristic cinema and special effects almost compared to virtual reality, Alita Ángel de Batalla obtained an acceptance of the audience of ninety-four percent, granting a weighting of nine out of ten; the specialized critic was a little more conservative and pondero to the tape with a six out of ten.

Alita Ángel de Batalla, takes place in the year two thousand five hundred sixty-three, three hundred years have passed after the fateful interplanetary battle that ended the planet earth.
Dr. Dyson is a cybernetic scientist and engineer who travels through scrap cemeteries in search of parts and parts, there he stumbles upon a partially shattered cyborg but with the artificial brain in perfect condition; He picks up his parts and takes him to his laboratory where he immediately starts working to make it work again.

 Dyson manages to rebuild and revive cyborg, when performing routine checks he realizes his memory loss, does not know its origin, or his name, much less as I finish in the scrap metal, so the Doctor decides to call her Alita in tribute to his deceased daughter.
Alita joins everyday life and meets young Hugo, a curious junkie who dreams of one day living in the modern and sophisticated floating city of Salem. Hugo shows the naive Alita the sport of Motorball, which consists of death races between ciborgs in order to complete the circuit and arrive in the first position, and explains that the champion of the season is rewarded with the entrance to Salem.

One night, the young Alita decides to follow Dr. Dyson, suspects that she is hiding something, discovers that her friend is a bounty hunter, when suddenly they are attacked by two cyborgs and their leader Grewishka who injure Dyson, instinctively Alita attacks surprisingly the criminals, killing two of them and seriously injuring the leader by escaping.

The next day on the outskirts of the city of iron, Alita finds the body of a Berserker, the most hardened and technologically advanced model of cyborgs, takes it as it can and takes it to the laboratory. She asks Dyson to transplant her brain to the new unit, to which she responds with no resounding for not knowing the compatibility of both technologies.

That way a difficult path begins for Alita, who must face unimaginable difficulties and fight hard battles.

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Duration: 122min

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