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Walt Disney Pictures presents Aladdin ... Yes, this two thousand and nineteen premieres the live action of the successful animated musical of nineteen ninety-two, based on the Aladdin story from the book Thousand and One Night.

The direction of the film was in charge of Guy Ritchie, the production of Dan Li and Marc Platt, and the screenplay adaptation from the original story was the responsibility of John August, Guy Ritchie and Vanessa Taylor. The film premiered for the United States will be on May 24, 2019.

This film features the performances of great stars such as Will Smith personifying the Magic Lamp Genie Djinn, Naomi Scott playing Princess Jasmine, Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Marwan Kenzari as Jafar, Numan Acar as Hakim, Navid Negahban as the Sultan, Nasim Pedrad as Dalia, and Billy Magnussen as Achmen.

A man who travels to Agrabah with his family aboard a fishing boat, one night gathers his children and tells them to pay attention because he will tell them a true story, a story called "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp" ...

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Once upon a time there was a young big-hearted thief named Aladdin who lives with his best friend the monkey Abu in the Kingdom of Agrabah, one day the young thief meets a beautiful girl who visits the market, who turns out to be Princess Jasmine, who escaped from the palace in search of an adventure since her boring life full of prohibitions and care is tired.

Jafar is the Great Vizier, who desperately searches for the magic lamp found in the cave of wonders, but only a person with a good heart can enter. At nightfall, Aladdin realizes that Jasmine forgot his bracelet and he tried to return it, taking him to the palace, where he is captured by the guards and accused of a thief, immediately sent to the dungeon.

Jafar proposes a deal to the young man, tells him that to recover his freedom he must enter the cave of wonders, take the oil lamp and hand it over, a very simple task for a thief.

He has no choice but to accept Jafar's proposition, so they travel through the desert to the cave of wonders, and as expected he manages to enter, once inside amazed by everything inside Aladdin takes the lamp and also decides to take A nice mat you get. Upon leaving the cave and handing the lamp to Jafar, he betrays him and pushes him back inside while it closes, but his friend Abu and the magic carpet manage to snatch the lamp from Jafar and get trapped inside the cave.


Trapped inside the cave, Aladdin rubs the lamp and unintentionally invokes the wonderful and unique Genie Djinn, who explains that he can only grant three wishes, as he wishes; but intelligently Aladdin and Abu manage to persuade the genius to take them out of the cave without spending a wish.

Thus begins this fabulous remake of one of the favorite Disney classics of the audience, adults and children will enjoy this magical story, full of romance, adventure and comedy.

The film received a very good reception from the general public, granting more than ninety percent acceptance and a weighting of seven over ten; however, the specialized critic was not so generous, receiving mixed reviews, inclined to the positive, according to them, the negative of the film was the failure to make substantial changes within the story. Contrasting with the public which I affirm was one of the things I enjoy most.

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Duration: 128min

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