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Ad Astra

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An original film by Ethan Gross and James Gray; directed by James Gray and produced by Brad Pitt; a cinematographic work of science fiction, action, and suspense that tells the story of a particular astronaut.

Released on September 20, 2019, collecting a range of positive reviews both in the performance of its protagonists and in the plot I have history.

Our solar system is being affected by a series of solar radiation that could put the risk of our planet's ecosystem and the continuity of life as we know it.

The astronaut of the United States of America, Major Roy MacBride, experienced an energetic residue from solar radiation while undergoing repairs to the international space station; the astronaut almost lost his life because after being hit hard by the waste, he fell freely towards the earth.

Once the incident is over and again at the SpaceCom operations center; Major MacBride is informed that the radiation does not come from the sun; but of the limits of the solar system; the same point where contact with the crew of the “Lima Project” was lost; which was in charge of Colonel Clifford MacBride, Roy's father.

This project was about locating intelligent life at the borders of our solar system; but, more than fifteen years have passed since the last communication with the ship and its crew; the last report occurred when they arrived on the planet, Neptune.

Colonel Pruitt who was friends with Roy's father; proposes to go on a mission to the planet Mars to try to make contact with the ship and find out if they are still alive; without thinking it accepts, a decision that brought as consequence the rupture of its marriage.

Once ready, take a commercial flight to the moon, you must go to the SpaceCom space base where the launch to Mars will take place; the transfer is carried out onboard space rovers; along the way, they are attacked by space pirates, who kill all the lunar soldiers and leave Colonel Pruitt seriously injured.

Upon arriving at the SpaceCom base, the death of the colonel is imminent and may result in the abandonment of the mission; however, Major MacBride asks to continue with the planned; Roy and the crew board the Cepheus spacecraft, which will move them directly to the planet Mars.

In the middle of the trip, Cepheus receives a help signal from a Biomedicine station administered by the Norwegian government; the captain decides to go, MacBride disagrees and warns him.

Upon arriving at the Norwegian station, they realize that it is abandoned, however they get an ape that was the object of study with a hostile attitude and devouring the body of one of the crew, the animal attacks them seriously injuring the capital of Cepheus; who ultimately dies, Roy manages to neutralize the ape and throw the space causing his death.

Roy asks the crew not to deviate again from the main route, it must reach the planet Mars as soon as possible, but at the time of landing another wave of space energy hits the ship damaging the controls, the autopilot stopped working and the custom captain did not He knows how to operate the ship; Major MacBride takes over and manages to position the ship perfectly.

The real mission is just beginning, Roy, is transferred to the SpaceCom underground space base on the planet Mars, where he will work with the director of the Helen Lantos project and should send a message to the last location of the “Lima Project” crew.

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Duration: 123min

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