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21 Bridges

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In this article, I'll briefly talk about one of the greatest movies of all time: 21 Bridges. Twenty-one Bridges is a movie that has been out for over a decade and a half. The original release of the movie was in 1995 and it had just received an R rating by the MPAA.

Although, I haven't seen the film many times, I do know quite a bit about it. So, in order to get into my opinion on the movie, I will first provide you with the facts of the story. And yes, the movie features some very strong and memorable characters, many of which I will mention here. Furthermore, there are some who agree with me on some points of view, so take note!

The movie is a Vietnam War movie that takes place during the mid-1960s. It features George Clooney, Holly Hunter, Sam Neill, John Travolta, Ben Kingsley, and Daryl Hannah. George Clooney plays Henry, a professional writer who is a witness to the infamous Charles Manson murders. Henry discovers a diary that tells him the truth about this case.

There's no worry about a movie becoming boring or "boring." Movies are made with beautiful language and a story that pull the audience in. In this case, there's a lot to talk about. I would like to discuss the character of George Clooney. Here's a review from the New York Times Magazine on the actor, who starred in the movie 21 Bridges, as well as his other notable works.

Clooney is elegant and subtle; in some scenes he seems to be drifting off into a dream world. His characterization was masterful, even if the movie's ending is not what you might have expected.

For the rest of the characters, a dramatic turn is always welcome. Consider Daryl Hannah's character, who is also on the run with a secret. I really enjoyed his storyline and I love the way he moves and twists in his line.

You could say the same for John Travolta. The movie featured the star playing the role of a serial killer who is caught up in a mystery involving a number of people.

The movie also featured a dark side that had many thoughts about the desensitization that the movie itself caused. I can't be the only one who sees the point that if one person can get away with committing crimes, so can the rest of us. Hopefully, a movie like this one can make some people think about what they do and how it affects others.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama

Duration: 99min

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