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The latest superhero movie to hit theaters is Venom. Directed by none other than James Gunn, the film stars Tom Hardy as the villain, along with some Hollywood talents like Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman. The cast also includes Anna Kournikova, Djimon Hansu and Dexter Diesel. So, where can you watch it?

Directed by Wes Ball, the ten minute prologue gives a good look at what we are in for during the rest of the movie. With the help of some newly developed surveillance technologies, the police detective is called to an underground facility which houses the deadliest and most psychotic of all villains, the cannibalistic genius known asvenom. However, this man has one major difficulty...that of an army of spider-like creatures who attack him at night and feed on his blood. What ensues is a chase that ends with the death ofvenom and a confrontation which results in the destruction of his hideout and the execution of his latest victim, a mass killer known asiton who wants to use his head as a cadaver. The destruction ofvenom's hideout paralyzes the remaining cannibals and they are taken away to serve as executioners for the remainder of the movie.

The plot thickens as we move to the climax of the film, a battle which results in the death ofvenom and his death of a thousand spider-themed enemies. However, the evil genius still has a vestigial shell and goes on the run, committing horrible crimes again. In the meantime, the police detective is forced to track venom's whereabouts using a tracking chip hidden within his shirt. The release date for Venoms is now slated for sometime in late February or early March, so be sure to hold your breath until then if you want to see it in all its glory.

The main villain of this movie is the same man who starred in the original Venoms movie. He is called Alexander ingest, and is played by Wallace Cash. It is believed that the character of Alexander ingested venom from a tarantula he was carrying when he was killed. This explains why the tarantula marks were on his body. In the sequel, the character is called Alexium and given a new identity of Richard Milton who goes on a wild ride in a car just like the one he escaped from in the first movie. The role of Alexander is played by Eric Bana who is also doing a great job as the evil character.

Another interesting thing about Venoms is that its sequel has a different director. Though it is based on the first film only, James M. Schaffer is the director of the follow-up and he is definitely a fan of the series. The movie is expected to be better than the first and will probably be a huge hit among children and adults. The new villains for this movie are called Octavius and Silhouette and they look quite a bit different from the first film. One interesting thing about this movie is that it will be the last installment of the Venoms franchise and the studio is actually hoping for a big profit for the franchise so they are planning on a big screen and three classic scenes.

Overall, the movie is sure to be a big hit on the big screen and is being directed by the same person who did the first film. The internet is now filled with a lot of hype about the second Venoms trailer and you can now find your favorite scenes and trailers of the movie on many websites. So what are you waiting for, go watch the new movie on the big screen and don't miss out on the chance of watching the sequel of the best venom movie on Netflix.

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