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To All the Boys I've Loved Before

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In the dystopian future of 1998 in Philip K. Dick's science fiction novel, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" there is a scene where John Anderton (A.J. Cook) is talking to his wife, Nicole (Stacy Keach), about how much he has grown up in only a few short years. His daughter is dead.

One thing that strikes John as strange is that his wife, a type of android, was designed for only one purpose. She was programmed to bear a child in a year. She's the only thing standing between the world and total destruction. She's a cyborg, a machine, but she is also an android.

John decides to go to the farm and check out the latest machine that's being used to create new Andertons. He orders the farm manager to turn it off when Nicole is not there. The only problem is, the machine turned on and John didn't hear the order. When the machine is turned off, John realizes that he and Nicole have been married for many years but are now not really married.

After this, John's wife finally tells him that he and Nicole are still married. But, she doesn't think they are "really" married anymore. She says they only share the same bed now. It's just one more in a long line of missteps in their relationship. If she will not recognize that they're married, John is going to go right ahead and divorce her.

John finally gets around to telling Nicole that he wants to see her. Nicole is not at home, so John goes there in the morning. On the way back to the farm, he sees a couple, Michael (Zachary Jenson) and Mary (Claire Holt). They don't know about John's plan to divorce her, but John tells them that they don't have to stop by. He just wants to talk to her. Nicole's only options are either to let John see her or to kill him.

However, Nicole finds out that John is on his way. She can either keep him in the house or tell her husband to wait for him outside. So, she tells Michael that they need to stop by and that they want to see John and that John was the one who asked Michael to come by.

Now, John realizes that Nicole's saying that because Michael was her husband. Nicole will never get that chance to see her dead husband again, so she agrees to see John. Michael gives John his cards and they leave the house together.

At the park, John asks Michael if he likes her. He tells her that he's about to tell her that she'll never see her dead husband again. Now, they just have to wait for their next date, and hopefully John's new and improved self can live happily ever after with his bride-to-be.

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Genres: Comedy , Romance

Duration: 100min

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