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The Old Man & the Gun

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Writer and director David Lowery, along with producers James D. Stern and Dawn Ostroff, bring to the big screen a story inspired by the life of the criminal Forrest Tucker, a private bank robbery and escape master; the script is freely based on Grann's literature published in 2010, entitled The Devil and Sherlock Holmes; and in the article written by the same author for the New York Times in 2003 homonymous to the title of the tape.

The film was released on September 28, 2018, in American movie theaters, which received mostly positive reviews from the specialized audience; it is worth mentioning that the protagonist was nominated in the Golden Globe Awards as best actor, in the Musical or Comedy category.

Forrest Tucker was a criminal with ethics for placing a qualifier; a man who was born to be a criminal, but never spilled a drop of blood in any of his assaults or famous prison leaks.

His last escape dates to nineteen seventy-nine, his victim, San Quintin State Prison in San Francisco, California; two years passed before a bank robbed again, Forest was already sixty-one years old at the time.

In his flight the gentlemanly criminal observes a lady at the fork of the cart asking for help since his car was failing; of course, he decides to stop to help her; a strategy that works perfectly since the police patrols who were chasing him pass by without suspecting anything.

The lady's name is Jewel, grateful for the attention given invites the dangerous criminal to lunch; after a pleasant talk, Forest decides to confess his true identity with the chivalry and elegance that distinguish him; he feels a strange attraction with the beautiful and contemporary lady that accompanies him, but this one thinks that it is only a game.

She feels something similar to him, so he invites her to his farm where they spend pleasant moments together and feelings are born; As a sign of his affection, Forest wishes to surprise his crush by canceling the entire mortgage of the house, when addressing the bank, the manager tells him that this may not be possible because he needs the signature of the owner in the documents, so the surprise is frustrated.

Tucker continues with his misdeeds, the local Dallas police are behind his tracks and Detective Hunt is in charge of capturing him; after a couple more rounds, he manages to get a sketch of his features; but most of the witnesses, especially the female ones, describe the assailant as an educated man, with an impeccable lexicon, friendly treatment and not at all violent since he never drew his weapon.

After some time without results, the investigations of the Tucker case go to the FBI, losing local Dallas police jurisdiction and therefore Detective Hunt; things will get complicated for Forest, the pressure and persecution is much greater and his age is a determining factor for success or failure; The stubborn criminal does not want to get away from his love, but that brings him closer and closer to prison.

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Genres: Comedy , Crime , Drama

Duration: 93min

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