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The Last Sharknado: It's About Time

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The Last Sharknado is a movie about the last time a super storm hits the Pacific Northwest and the lives of the people living in the area. There's an intense tornado that hits Seattle and the city is forced to evacuate everyone, even though they're just having a beach party, as they're miles from shore.

A few weeks later, a super storm hits Portland, Oregon and it causes massive flooding and tornadoes in the area. The movie starts off by showing scenes from both movies, then moving on to how people react to the situation.

The lead character of The Last Sharknado is Jason Spitzer (Zach Galifianakis), who is the mayor of Portland, Oregon. He has taken this position because his brother died in a boating accident, and he's not sure if he can take the pain of dealing with grief. He has a difficult relationship with his mother, played by Debra Messing.

As a result of the super storm, Jason finds himself with nothing left to do but deal with the people living in the affected areas, while trying to find out why the storm happened in the first place. He also tries to figure out a way to win the trust of his political opponent, who happens to be an evil former mayor named Wes Baruth.

The Last Sharknado is a funny movie that has a lot of heart to it. It's interesting to see how the political campaign goes along and what sort of things Spitzer's mom and dad have to say about the situation.

Overall, The Last Sharknado: It's About Time is a fun movie. Jason Spitzer and his family deal with the aftermath of the super storm, while trying to find a way to win back the trust of Wes Baruth, who happens to be the main political opponent. The movie is pretty entertaining overall.

It's about time, for sure, but it may not be the best movie of the year. I wouldn't watch it again unless I absolutely had to...

Overall, Jason Spitzer does a very good job of selling his character but does a bad job of portraying his political opponent. If you like movies like Seabiscuit, The Social Network, or even The Expendables, you may enjoy this movie. I didn't, but I'm sure I'll get over it pretty quick. and want to see the next movie in the series, which is supposed to be called The Last Sharknado: A New Beginning.

Overall, this is another forgettable movie... But, it's worth a watch if you're only going to watch Jason Spitzer...or the director's other movies like The Hangover Part II. It's about time, but I doubt it'll become a top ten movie...just yet!

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