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The Kissing Booth

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"The Kissing Booth" is an online comedy web series that was created and directed by Eric Deutsch. The show, which was filmed online, is loosely based on the book "The Kissing Booth," which is the sequel of the popular web comedy web series "Web Therapy."

The show takes place in a fictional web series called "Web Therapy," a network of web comedians and writers that get together to perform short comedy sketches, act out and record short films, and even share tips about how to make the big leap into television. The show's characters are a group of comics and writers, and their main goal is to create a web show of their own. "The Kissing Booth" is the group's first show, but they hope to perform at more comedy festivals and networks.

"The Kissing Booth" follows the story of the writers and comedians who created the show, and how they were originally planning to create an online comedy website. After they came up with the idea, they hired a writer and performer named Michael Pappas, and the rest of the team was put together.

The web show is loosely based on the real life web show "Web Therapy," which was originally launched on the social networking site Facebook. It later became a successful network show that aired in more than fifty countries. Pappas and the other web show creators took a lot of notes from their friends and colleagues while they were watching the "Web Therapy" series on Facebook. The Internet is a very interactive and social place, which is what the "Web Therapy" show strives to explore. Pappas hopes to create a comedy web series that is as similar to the "Web Therapy" series as possible.

The "The Kissing Booth" team also hopes to give the viewers a sense of what it's like to perform stand-up comedy in a live show, while having the opportunity to interact with their peers. The series will also explore the lives of the show's characters in greater depth. The show has been created and written by the entire "Web Therapy" team, and has also been produced by Eric Deutsch and Will Hines, two of the creators of "Web Therapy."

If you're interested in watching "The Kissing Booth," you can find all of the show's episodes on its official website. If you're interested in the other web series "The Kissing Booth," you can find all of the episodes on the "Web Therapy" website as well.

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Genres: Comedy , Romance

Duration: 105min

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