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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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Sony and Marvel present a new animated delivery of the Spider-Man universe, it is a spin-off written by Phill Lord; Directed by Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman; and produced by the quartet composed of Amy Pascal, Christina Steinberg, Avi Arad, and Chris Miller.

The story is based on the appearance of Miles Morales, a new spider-man; a hero different from the stereotype to which we are accustomed, since it is a young man of Latin descent.

Miles is a teenager, the son of a local police officer, who is facing new academic challenges; he must adapt to a new school and new classmates, his passion is drawing, urban art called graffiti.

Morales studies with a pretty young woman named Gwanda, for whom he feels very attracted, but his shyness does not allow him to express it; the young student does not maintain the best relationship with his father, so he turns to his uncle Aaron Davis in search of advice and support for his ideas.

Uncle Aaron takes him to a train station to perform his art, which he thanks and enjoys; unknowingly at that moment, it is bitten by a strange spider that confers similar powers to those of the idol climbing walls.

Miles decides to repeat the experience but fails to locate his uncle, so he decides to return to the train parking lot; there he finds an entrance to a secret Kingpin laboratory in which a particle collider is built in which he allows to travel to different dimensions and alternate universes.

Kingpin builds this powerful machine in the hope of recovering his wife and son, who lost their lives during a car accident.

The idol of Miles and all the young people of the time comes to the laboratory; Spider-Man, who faces Kingpin, but this is joined by the Green Goblin and Prowler, the three face the arachnid who seeks to disable the collider, but without succeeding, on the contrary, he receives all the fury of his attackers and he ends up wounded to death; at that moment, Miles appears to try to help his idol, but this gives him a USB stick containing the protocol to reprogram the machine and deactivate it permanently.

The hero unfortunately dies; Morales can't believe it, but at the time of the collider's activation a Peter Parker no longer so young, with a life in pieces, appeared in the dimension of Miles.

The young Morales begins to discover his new abilities, but he still does not manage to master them, at that moment he meets Peter Parker, who explains that he comes from another dimension and urges him to return, he must solve the rupture of his marriage with Mery Jane Watson; but first they must repair and reprogram the collider; Peter and Miles reach an agreement, Parker agrees to train Morales, provided the latter helps him return to his world.

The USB drive that the deceased Spider-man handed to Miles is defective, and the only way to get the information back to the Kingpin operations center; the double arachnid is infiltrated in the facilities, but they are surprised by Olivia Octavius, a scientist in a suit with eight powerful mechanical arms with multiple functions.

Both receive a brutal attack that leaves Miles paralyzed, at that moment Spider-Woman intervenes, who reveals himself as Gwen Stacy, who turns out to be the same Gwanda girl who studies with Miles; this takes them to Aunt May's house, where they will meet their Spider-Man colleagues coming from other dimensions, but they must return as soon as they run the risk of fading as time passes.

So, Miles, Peter, Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, Peni Parker and the armor SP dr. They must defeat Kingpin and his powerful allies to reactivate the machine and return to its dimensions.

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Duration: 117min

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