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Avengers: Infinity War

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Marvel presents the third installment of the Avengers saga, under the direction of brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, and the production of MCU brain Kevin Feige; the premiere of the film was made for the United States of America on April 27, 2018; the film was praised by the specialized critic thanks to the great performances of its protagonists and especially the emotional charge that the story represents for the fans, other important points were the soundtrack, photography and visual effects, which were in charge of Alan Silvestri, Trent Opaloch and Jeffrey Ford respectively.

At the box office level, this film exceeded the extraordinary figure of two billion dollars, making it the highest-grossing film of 2018 and placing it in fifth position as the highest-grossing in history.

Infinity War begins immediately after the end of Thor's third tape, titled Ragnarok; the colossal spacecraft of the mighty Thanos attacks the transporter where Thor and Asgard's survivors travel; the titan seeks to collect the six gems of the infinite to achieve its much-desired universal balance, which is nothing more than making the planets sustainable, but for this he believes that half of the universal population must disappear, and that can only be achieved by Through the power of gems.

Thanos already took the power gem, which was in Novacorp's custody on the planet Xandar; now he looks for the space gem, better known as the Tesseract, he was in the vault of Odin, but in the midst of the battle against Hela, Loki took it and carried it on board the ship.

Thanos knows it and does not hesitate to kill the majority of the crew in order to obtain what he is looking for, Hulk confronts him but far exceeds him in strength and skill, after giving him a beating and leaving him unconscious, Heimdall in a last breath of Life sends it to earth through the Bifrost.

The green giant goes straight to the earth, lands at the Kamat-Taj temple in New York City, which is guarded by Dr. Stephen Strange. Upon awakening he takes the human form of Bruce Banner, and warns them about Thanos, immediately Dr. Strange contacts Tony Stark, he is in central park taking a walk with his wife Pepper Potts.

Again in Kamat-Taj, Bruce explains Thanos's plans, Tony lets him know that the avengers no longer exist, but there is no time to think, one of Thanos's emissaries has arrived in the city, Ebony Maw is here for the time gem, which hangs on the neck of the master of the mystical arts, Stephen Strange.

The battle begins, Tony transforms into Iron Man, wears a new formed armor built of nanotechnology, the young Peter Parker joins the fight and went to a school trip and his arachnid sense warned him about the imminent danger; Ebony Maw manages to capture Strange and takes him aboard his ship, Iron Man and Spider-Man follow him and manage to sneak into the ship, they go to outer space.

The most important adventure of the most powerful heroes in the universe is just beginning; they must avoid at the cost that Thanos seizes the six gems of the infinite or the life of the universe will suffer the greatest tragedy in history; many will join them, on earth there will be a great battle where hundreds will face thousands and will give their lives to protect the gem of the mind, which carries Vision and is part of their being.

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