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Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap

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The Ang Pangarap Kong Holdup (Movie) is based on the real life story of the Japanese gold bar "Shun Takako". This real life story was first published in 2020 and depicts the incredible and shocking rise of a single mom, who overcame economic and social challenges to work her way up in a company where she eventually became the CEO. The Ang Pangarap Kong Holdup movie, starring Michelle Yeoh and Albert Tsai, tells the same story, but with a twist!

Mr. Sun Jik-kuan was a twenty four-year-old Chinese kid who fell from the same window of the office building where he had been working at and died, due to his broken bones and broken neck. Now, this single mom finds herself to be the CEO of her own company, having already been the CFO for her family's company.

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Genres: Comedy , Crime

Duration: 107min

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