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In criminal law, abducted is the wrongful transportation, importation and confinement of an individual against his or her will. For people who know what this term means, it may be easy to imagine what kidnap is. kidnap in its legal sense, refers to forcibly taking a person against that person's will, the lawful equivalent of modern day slavery. However, it can also be simply defined as false confinement, with both of these being separate offenses that when perpetrated together consolidate as the single greater crime of kidnapping. When one or both of these are committed, the perpetrator has committed a kidnap offense.

The idea of abduction may be easier for many people to grasp. If a parent abducts their child, that parent is committing a form of child abuse. Whether a parent abducts a child out of wedlock or just feels like taking the child for one reason or another, such an action can constitute child abuse. Abducting a child also falls under kidnapping if a parent takes the child across state lines or if that parent forces a child to work or to leave the home. Abducting a child also falls under the crime of aggravated kidnapping when a parent attempts to force a child to work against their will or if that parent abducts the child for the purpose of selling the child.

There are all sorts of reasons why kids are abducted by parents. Sometimes kids are taken for a variety of reasons. A parent may abduct their kids because they have heard that a friend has a kid missing. Sometimes kids are kidnapped because a parent thinks that their child is in immediate danger of some sort.

There are all sorts of different types of international child abduction cases. Unfortunately, domestic cases of kid stealing does not make the news as much. However, the U.S. has had its share of international child abduction cases, including the case of Summer Myers, a young Canadian girl who was found dead in her Canadian home. The press did report that she had been abducted by Canadian authorities and taken to Afghanistan to work as a domestic helper. Her death has only brought her case to light and more people are looking into her death.

With all of these reasons to look into, it seems that there is a lack of info on international child abduction. For one thing, international child abuse or international child kidnapping cases fall under the category of "necce" which is a legal term referring to an intentional crime of power, control, or physical violence. So, since this type of crime falls under the heading of power, control, or physical violence, it would make sense that the United States has its own statues and laws regarding this. It is possible, however, that the United States does not have a specific law relating to paternity or custody or the criminalization of paternity. This could explain why no one has been able to find out the whereabouts of Summer Myers.

Another reason that we do not know where she is because there are no records or information about her. There have been rumors that she went to the United States, but there is no confirmation as to where she has gone or why she was abducted. There is also speculation that she may have been taken to as a bargaining chip by her former husband. These are just some of the more common reasons that a mother or father becomes a missing child, and as the internet has shown us, the possibilities of international parental kidnapping are endless.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Drama

Duration: 110min

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