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Thor: Ragnarok

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Ragnarok is simply the end of the Asgardian world. The apocalypse, prophesied (at least in the comics) since the beginning of that civilization. However, in the comics it is not a cataclysm, but part of the Asgardian cycle of death and rebirth. Sure with many deaths.

In Scandinavian mythology, Ragnarok is rather a divine conflict that ends with the existence of the pantheon, and by the way, with the rest of the planet. In the film it is only about the end of Asgard, with no hope of immediate return.

Surtur, a kind of Norse demonic deity, with the ability to destroy Asgard, provided to consumes eternal flames is the main danger for Asgard. In the mythology Surtr, on whom Stan Lee relied for this character, is a kind of God Volcano, capable of generating rebirth through destruction. Something less cliché than what they showed in the movie.

Cate Blanchett plays Hela, Odin's eldest daughter and therefore: Thor's blood sister and Loki's adoptive mother. Hela is the goddess of death, gestated by Odin as a weapon in wars for the domination of the different inhabited worlds of the known universe. Hela, although Odin's daughter, does not appear to be Frigga's daughter, who is indeed much younger than the Chief God.

Hela, as the executor of Odin, finally rebels in the name of Asgardian superiority and tries to usurp the throne (any resemblance to the story of Lucifer?) To continue condemning the different worlds to suffering. Odin, horrified by the madness of Hela instructs the Valkyries to destroy the goddess of death, with dire consequences. Finally Odin managed to lock Hela, perhaps at the cost of a very good slice of his power and the life of the Valkyries.

After the battle with Ultron in Sokovia, Hulk decided to get on a ship and escape everything, including Natasha Romanov. Now, things come from all over the universe to Sakaar on behalf of a series of portals that open up there. The ship on which Hulk was traveling simply entered one of these portals and left in Sakaar where The Grand Master made him his star champion.

The only thing we can say for sure is that the Teseract, as a gem of the infinite that it is, cannot be destroyed. Even after the destruction caused by Surtur. Although most likely Loki has taken it, you will know for what purpose in mind.

If it seemed to you that the actor who embodied Thor, in the play that Loki-like-Odin saw at the beginning of the film, you have observed very well.

Thor was played by Luke Hemsworth, the older brother of Chris Hemsworth. Hence the resemblance.

Loki, as was quite evident, was played by Matt Damon.

Odin was played by Sam Neill, yes, the same from the first version of Jurassic Park.

If we see Thor: Ragnarok as the third installment of a trilogy of Thor it is very strange that Natalie Portman (Jane Foster), Stellan Skarsgard (Erik Selvig) and Kat Dennings (Darcy) do not appear, in fact much of the development of the two Early films is related to the conflict between the Asgardian and the human.

However, Natalie Portman did not give a damn about this, and after freeing herself from a contract for which she had vocally expressed disgust, she did not want to know more about the matter. And at Marvel they were happy to let her go. Without the burden of Jane Foster and her fellow scientists, the scriptwriters finally took off the task of finding a role for the protagonist's girlfriend that was not the damsel in distress. Can you imagine how Jane Foster would fit in this movie? No, we neither.

Now, at the level of history, the solution was quite mature. Jane Foster and Thor ended their relationship and without Jane Foster, Erik Selvig and Darcy just don't go. We will surely see Erik Selvig again, but it would be a shame if that doesn't happen with Darcy.

To understand the final scene of Thor: Ragnarok, in which the Asgardian god sits on his throne, to rule his people, looking for Earth as his destiny, we must analyze the premise of the trilogy and then the premise of the film of independent way.

From the first film, Thor is frequently recognized for his negative association with the throne. In the first installment, Thor wants the throne for the wrong reasons, he wants to be king because he wants to be popular, recognized, loved and raised. In the second film, Thor decides to depart from the throne, because he recognizes that he is not fit enough to rule, that is, he is afraid of not doing things right.

In this third, Thor finally accepts that he is Odin's heir and his approach to the throne is finally positive, he knows that he must sit on the throne for the welfare of his people, not his own, and he also knows that it will not be easy, but even if he is wrong on the road, he is the best to do the job.

Within the context of the film as such, Thor recognizes the value of the word home, which is not framed as a physical, immovable place, but as a spiritual place where what we love and represents us is found.

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