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Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Spider-Man Homecoming

After his unexpected appearance in the third installment of the saga of Captain America entitled Civil War, in which he competed debut with Prince T’Challa, the Black Panther; Marvel restarts the cycle of one of the most beloved heroes of all time and the favorite of the father of the Marvel Universe Stan Lee, we refer to Spider-Man.

As we mentioned earlier, in Civil War the story of the young arachnid began, so it is not necessary to go so far back to remember how he obtained his powers and his beginnings in it, without forgetting that the last cycle of the superhero, which It was unfinished, it starred Andrew Garfield, in 2014, so most of the public knows the beginnings of Spider-Man.

The beginning of this story takes place immediately after the battle of 2012 in New York, when the Avengers fought for the first time together and faced the Chitauri army led by Loki.

Adrián Toomes is a humble contractor who invested all his money to fulfill a contract assigned by the government that consisted simply of collecting the rubble and cleaning the streets of New York after the great battle.

However, following an order from the US Damage Control Department, in partnership with Stark Industries, Toomes was evicted from the site and his contract was terminated unilaterally, causing his company to go bankrupt.

Enraged by what happened, Adrian Toomes convinces his employees to collect all possible alien technology before being evicted from the site; which they used for years to make high-caliber weapons and sell it on the black market.

Four years passed from that moment; Tony Stark returns with young Peter to his house in the big block after the battle in Germany against Captain Rogers and his group; Tony allows the young arachnid to keep the prototype suit that he made for him, always on the condition of not getting into trouble and with the promise that if at some other time he needed him he would contact him, Happy Hogan,.

Days, weeks, months have elapsed from that conversation and Happy has not yet contacted Peter, nor does he respond to his numerous messages and calls.

The young student believes he can do more, so he decides to patrol the city in search of action, one night he surprises criminals trying to steal the Automated Teller Machine with a sophisticated weapon, he had never seen anything similar, so he intervenes by checking the weapon power

The young Parker tries to alert Happy Hogan, but he ignores his messages, Peter believes it is a good idea to continue the investigation on his own; days later he observes a flash of purple light, so he approaches to see what happens and discovers Toomes' henchmen trafficking arms with local criminal Aaron Davis.

The young arachnid tries to stop the operation, but in the middle of the persecution, it ends at the bottom of the river and being rescued by one of Tony's unmanned suits, which warns him by means of a hologram that does not intervene again and that leaves that work to the authorities.

Peter must make a trip to Washington to participate in the academic decathlon, he and his best friend, Ned, manage to enable all the blocked protocols that the suit includes; they both know that Toomes will attempt to storm an army truck that carries alien material; The wall climber believes that it is his opportunity to demonstrate all his talent, but he does not count on it to bring him more problems than he already has.

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