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John Wick: Chapter 2

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The most feared murderer by the mafia returns to the big screen again, again by the hand of director Chad Stahelski and producers David Leitch and Basil Iwanyk; John Wick II A New Day to Kill was released on February 10, 2019.

This new installment is set shortly after what happened in the first film, John recovers his beloved Ford Mustang 429 from 1969; he takes it from a deposit of the brother of the late head of the Russian mafia Viggo Tarasov; John enters Abram Tarasov's warehouse, and annihilates all the men present, however in the middle of the dispute the valuable classic car is damaged.

The famous murderer takes his car to his friend Aurelio's workshop for repair; At that time, John is visited by one of the leaders of the Italian mafia Santino D’Antonio; He comes to charge a favor granted to John, which was granted when Tarasov entrusted him with the impossible task before his partial retirement and his marriage to his beloved Helen.

At that time John and Santino made an unwavering deal, represented by a medallion; but the murderer is not willing to honor his promise and alleges that he is retired and cannot deliver; in retaliation the Italian destroys his house, forcing him to return to the Continental Hotel in the city of New York.

Winston, manager of the prestigious hotel, meets John and tells him that one of the golden rules of the blood-free territory is that he must fulfill every promise represented by a medallion, otherwise he will lose the hotel membership and must leave it.

John has no choice but to accept the job and comply with Santino's request; he asks her to murder her sister Gianna, who would occupy a position at the big table of Italian families, but Santino believes that she is not worthy and that this should be her place.

John Wick arrives in Italy; but he's not alone, D’Antonio sends his best man, Ares, to closely monitor the killer's steps and ensure that he complies with his treatment; John takes advantage of the party reception offered by the new member of the great table to fulfill the work assigned by Santino; he surprises her in the halls, immediately infers that John is there to kill her in the name of his brother; but he prefers to cut his veins before being killed.

Cassian discovers the body of his boss, when reviewing the place recognizes the famous murderer John Wick, knows that it was him, so he runs to attack him; but he manages to slip away and reach the basements of the place where Ares and his henchmen expect him, who in turn must liquidate them so as not to leave any loose ends, the task is complicated, now the victims are them, John takes their lives, everybody.

At that time he is reached by Cassian, who chases him to the Continental Hotel in Rome, in which bloodshed is also prohibited; both sit down and share a drink, an enraged Cassian swears that avenge the death of Gianna D'Antonio.

Upon returning to the New York Continental, John Wick understands that the least of his problems is Cassian and his oath of revenge, Santino D'Antonio betrays him by making an open contract for his head; the reward with feel millions of dollars, a figure for which all the murderers of the underworld are willing to compete.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Thriller

Duration: 122min

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