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Free Fire

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It is time for another look at the crazy new crime thriller FREEFIRE! starring Anne Hathaway and directed by Dan Burke. The trailer has gotten an amazing response from people all over the world. It is a gun battle movie that you will not want to miss out on. Check out the free movie clip from the movie after the break...

FREEFIRE centers on Boston warehouse terrorist plot. Determined to bring down the President of the USA, a group of violent anti-socialists with a set of underground bunker buster weapons shoot a series of deadly attacks across the country. FBI agents prompt the hunt for these criminals using a list of missing and burnt records. They eventually find one of the terrorists, rious Rival (Anne Hathaway) hiding out with his sister Glinda (Sandra Oh), and they are able to stop him in his attempt to blow up the federal building in Washington, D.C. The remaining terrorists are rounded up and placed on trial for their crimes.

Anne Hathaway stars as FBI agent Dana Scully in this film, which was directed by Dan Burke. Ms. Hathaway also appeared in the blockbuster movies, PRICE LAUNCH and WHITELESS. Dan Burke is well known for his work in horror, science fiction, action and all forms of entertainment. His debut feature is FREEFIRE, which has proven to be a box office hit. Anne Hathaway is a name that has become synonymous with the best of Hollywood.

As part of the action-filled FREEFIRE series, Anne Hathaway stars as FBI agent Dana Scully in this movie. She is placed into a dangerous position when two gangs with mysterious motives start targeting the US Federal buildings in Boston, Massachusetts. Ms. Hathaway plays the role of Dana Scully, a hard-nosed and determined FBI agent whose only concern is to bring those responsible for these crimes to justice.

Alex Cross plays the role of Simon Williams, a man accused of being a culprit in the kidnappings and murder of three men. The case against Williams is weak due to the fact that he was working as a warehouse clerk when the crime occurred. Justine Bateman plays the role of Justine Bateman, a young woman working at a grocery store when the attack takes place. The movie FREE Fire is based on the real-life incident.

FREE FIREN tells the story of a man who saves the lives of three college students when he finds out that they were kidnapped, tortured and killed in a dirty and back alley in Boston, Massachusetts. It is also rumored that Alex Cross, who is the main suspect, is the product of drugs and was also working at a warehouse when the crime occurred. Justine Bateman is the only one of the three suspects, who has been interrogated and questioned properly by the police. The movie FREE Fire has received a warm response from fans and critics, who see it as a good crime thriller.

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Genres: Action , Crime , Mystery

Duration: 90min

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