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Animal Crackers

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An animal cracker or animal cookie is a special kind of cookie, often baked into the shape of an adorable animal, most often an animal either in a circus or zoo, including an elephant, a lion, a bear, a zebra or a giraffe. The main characteristic of these crackers is that they are designed to be eaten directly out of the hand, which is not to say that they do not have to be eaten with the help of a fork or knife. The shape of the animal on the animal cracker or animal cookie can vary quite a bit, from a raccoon, an owl, a fish, a snake, and even a teddy bear, but the main feature remains the same. These cookies are made to be chewed by the user, and the animal on the cracker or animal cookie must be a fairly normal sized one.

Animal crackers and animal cookies were first created as children's gifts and now adults find them very cute, especially when the crackers are shaped in animals like cats or dogs. The reason that people like the idea of these foods for their kids is that they can chew the animal on their own, while the crackers or animal cookie tastes almost exactly like the thing it is supposed to.

Animal crackers are mostly eaten as snacks during the summer months, since their shape makes them a little bit hard to handle when eaten in large quantities. However, they have recently been made into a more traditional food for use in special occasions. The crackers are baked and then eaten with chocolate or other sweet treats on the special occasion of an anniversary or any other special occasion.

Animal crackers or animal cookies, like all other food products, have become popular with a wide variety of people from all walks of life. In addition, animal crackers are often given as gifts to people that are close to someone that they care about, whether it be a child or an adult that they know. There are even some people that make a living out of purchasing and selling these types of foods to other people.

Animal crackers and animal cookies can come in many different shapes and sizes, some of which resemble the animals that are depicted on the crackers or animal cookie, while others are simply a regular size cookie. Some of the animal-shaped crackers are very large, like a turkey or a whole chicken. Other animals and animal-shaped cookies and crackers can have the same cookie size but are shaped differently, like a squirrel or a peacock.

Animal crackers or animal cookies are popular around the world for many different reasons. People eat them for their delicious flavor, their uniqueness as gifts for friends and family, and as well as just plain fun. Most people seem to enjoy eating the crackers and animal cookies that they make for other people and giving them to friends or family.

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Genres: Adventure , Animation , Comedy

Duration: 105min

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