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Zootopia is a movie I've seen before, the first I can remember. It's quite a lot better than its predecessors and it was interesting to watch. Even though I was familiar with the characters and the plot, I still found it fun to watch.

After the first screening, I can't find any desire to watch it again. The same event I was lucky enough to get some of the posters of the movie. I was able to take a few copies home and use them as wall art. I did this on purpose so that I won't get bored of seeing the same scenes.

My favorite character in the movie is a fox named Judy Hopps. She is voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin. She looks very beautiful in the movie. Even though she is a rookie, she is smart enough to be the leader of the police force.

One of the best scenes in the movie is the one where we meet Zootopia's biggest predator and she tries to capture the Klang Savage. In the process, she rescues a couple who had been held captive.

Another character of great importance is a big bad predator that attacks Judy and ends up being a big part of the movie. I'm not sure why, but the sad part is that it is revealed that the evil otter was Judy's boyfriend in the first place.

After watching this scene, I can still recall the dialogue and the emotions from that scene. Even though I was an older audience at the time, I was still very emotionally affected. It was very interesting to see the interaction between the two characters.

The first movie in the new "Zootopia" series was directed by Byron Howardand Phil Johnston. They used the voices of Brian Tyler and Jason Bateman as they were animators. This first movie in the new series focused mainly on the younger detectives working in Zootopia.

I still haven't finished watching the second series of the Zootopia film series but I'm glad I watched this first series. The movie turned out to be good and I liked the stories of the characters. As the story progresses, we will have more characters and more plots to follow.

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