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Train to Busan

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An extraordinary movie with an excellent cast, Train to Busan is one of the best thrillers to come around for a long time. A movie based on the famous incident in 2020, this film shows a young couple who get lost in the train station and are subsequently captured by zombies. Meanwhile, another passenger on the same train becomes obsessed by the possibility of being reunited with his long lost family members. When he finally locates them, however, he's forced to kill them before he can get back on the train.

A group of strangers (including Gong Yoo and Lee Byung-hun) become stranded in a rapidly speeding train during an undead outbreak in South Korea, which drives the couple to flee. But when the couple and their groupmates come across an old cemetery with a number of people who have been eaten alive by zombies, they find out that their family may not be as dead as they thought. And if this group of people can escape from the cemetery, then they will have a chance of saving their families and their lives from zombies.

The plot itself is quite simple - the group of people, with the help of Mr. Kim (Jang Baek-soo), a high school kid, must travel from one place to another and eventually, rescue their loved ones and find their family gravesites. However, the whole concept of a "survival film" in its true sense has something to offer everyone, since no one should ever fear getting lost or running away from danger. This is the reason why a lot of horror movies, including those based on the Train to Busan story, use similar themes. However, the most striking aspect of the story is its setting - an extremely realistic South Korean railroad station.

One of the most interesting aspects about this film is that it was shot entirely on location, with very few outside shots. The actors, especially Gong Yoo, have an exceptionally natural ability to blend into the scenery. They are well-known as actors who can convincingly blend in with their characters, but Gong Yoo is particularly skilled at blending in with the scenery. In fact, it is really impressive how well he seems to fit in with his surroundings in this movie.

While the acting was not so good in earlier Gong Yoo movies, he has taken that to heart and made some great improvements. Nowadays, his performances are much better, since he has added a more natural touch to his acting. and even the story line.

Overall, Train to Busan, the movie, is a fantastic watch, which will enthrall anyone who wants to see a thriller filled with violence and gore. For fans of horror and action cinema, it is worth every minute of the viewing time. But if you don't have the time, then you can always skip ahead and see other films, such as the highly acclaimed The Guest. For more reviews on the film, you can visit my blog.

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Genres: Action , Horror , Thriller

Duration: 118min

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