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The lion is actually a subspecies of the Felidae family and is a member of the genus Pardofelis. It is easily recognisable for its deep-chested, muscular body, short, flat head, pointed ears, a short tuft of fur on the tail, and a long black tail. It is usually sexually dimorphic - males have a long, dense mane, while female lions have striped coats. The cat has evolved through time as a solitary animal, which has also been known to live in large groups.

Subspecies are genetically distinct from one another. Most are native to Africa, but some are native to Asia as well. Although the lion's stripes are very attractive, they are not related to the traditional characteristics of lions. In Africa, stripes indicate territory, strength, aggression, and strength, while black stripes are said to indicate mourning of the dead. In Asia, stripes signify masculinity and vigour. In Africa, stripes are used to mark the cubs in preparation for breeding. Some subspecies have even been identified by their stripes.

Lions are social creatures, living in groups of up to thirty, although in the wild it is known to be much larger. When hunting, they will often travel with a large hunting party including other carnivores such as leopards, hyenas, cheetahs and baboons. A single lion will rarely kill more than one animal.

The biggest and best known of all big cats, the African lion (Lion Fcra), is nocturnal is the only time it will venture out of its dens in search of food. They are solitary animals, seldom moving more than a few miles from their home range, making them the perfect cat to protect against intruders or scavengers. The biggest threat to the African lion is human; often they are hunted by poachers for the illegal bushmeat trade.

Because they are large, very strong and aggressive, lions sometimes attack humans who stray too near to their dens. If a lion attacks a person or a pet, it may also eat the victim. Many people have been killed in this way, although lions are very wary of human contact. If a lion spots its prey, it may lunge at the victim with its trunk or swipe at it with its paw.

Most of a lion's diet consist of grasses, plants and fruits; it also eats carrion, birds, small mammals, frogs and fish. A well-developed sense of smell helps it find food. It also has a keen sense of hearing and is able to detect the movement of its prey before it attacks. The lion will consume its prey whole or partially, although the main part of its diet remains meat. Lions have an exceptionally long lifespan, with mature adults reaching their full size within twenty years of age.

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