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La La Land

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When it comes to romance, La Land is arguably the greatest film of all time. It manages to combine the old-fashioned romance of Hollywood classics with modern day technological innovations and create a movie that is both timeless and fresh in its approach to romance. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are both outstanding actors, and their performances bring the film full circle, giving us a couple that is just as attractive and fun to watch as the music they have chosen to sing. In this review I'll be discussing one of the most entertaining aspects of the movie: the relationship between Mia and Sebastian.

Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a laid back guy who works for a company that specializes in cleaning the offices of major corporations. When his best friend Jake (Dylan Sprayberry) gets dumped, Sebastian decides to take matters into his own hands and try to get Jake back into his life. Although Jake initially agrees to help him, he soon realizes that this is not the right situation for him. He feels uncomfortable around Sebastian because he is embarrassed at the idea of him dating someone like him. This leads to Sebastian having several run ins with Jake's ex-girlfriend, played by Mia. These situations drive the two lovers further away from each other, forcing them to wonder if they can ever be true to one another. However, as success grows within the company, they find themselves drawing closer together, until finally their devotion becomes too much to bear.

The relationship between Mia and Sebastian in La Land is so complicated that it almost feels impossible to sum it up. I would even go so far as to call it a rollercoaster ride. The first few minutes of the movie are great, as the characters are introduced. But after that, their journey starts to fall apart. Their relationship gets more complicated, as they each face decisions they didn't expect to make, and the story takes some twists and turns that throw them out of control.

One of the things that makes the relationship between Jake and Sebastian so interesting is that they are two different people. In many romantic comedies, a character has to choose between love and work, and eventually chooses love because they both have similar interests and are both good at what they do. Sebastian and Jake are actually opposites, and both want to do the same things. The fact that they are both successful makes it harder for them to let go, but they both end up falling in love in the end.

Another reason the relationship between Jake and Sarah Syrian so interesting is her character. We don't really know much about her, but she's a great character. She has a unique way of handling the different issues that come up in her relationship with Jake and Sebastian. She is also funny and has a lot of personality. She doesn't always want to just listen to him talk and her relationship with Sebastian develops over the course of the movie, resulting in a number of funny scenes. If we were to list all the characters in this movie, you'd probably put Sarah on the top ten of the funniest. I especially like her relationship with Sebastian, because it gives her an opportunity to show her confidence in herself without it coming off as being forced or fake.

Overall, the relationship between Jake and Sarah in this movie is a beautiful example of how a couple can overcome obstacles and stay together despite their differences. They keep their feelings strong because they love each other despite what happens in the short term. In some movies, a relationship might die off due to pressure from one partner or the other, but in this movie, the love between them is enough to last. The movie ends with a touching moment where the couple embrace one another and exchange gifts. There is a lot of symbolism and imagery in this movie, which is what makes it so amazing.

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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Music , Romance

Duration: 129min

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