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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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The first part of the Fantastic Beasts trilogy is Fantastic Beasts and the Goblet of Fire. This film was one of the most anticipated ever with a whole lot of buzz surrounding it. Despite this hype, Fantastic Beasts made a huge splash when it was released on November 16, 2020. However, it has failed to impress critics and viewers. In this article I will compare this film with its predecessor, Crimes of Grindelwald.

The first film in the trilogy, Fantastic Beasts was a huge fluke with the success of the Harry Potter series. Considering the fact that Potter made barely 15% less internationally than Fantastic Beasts, history suggests that audiences will be as interested to walk out of theaters as domestic viewers. This film also had a huge budget with a little bit of controversy over J.K Rowling's book being made into a movie. It also featured two major characters like Albus Dumbledore and Professor Snape who were extremely famous and therefore, had more fans who wanted to see this film than the previous one. It was an overall disappointment because of its failure. As a result, the second film, Crimes of Grindelwald was released on November 10, 2020. Unlike the first film, which only featured the main characters, Crimes of Grindelwald features many different characters from different parts of the globe.

To compare this film to the previous one, the comparison is quite difficult since both movies have their own set of similarities. Both movies have famous characters like Harry Potter and Professor Snape. They also have great themes that are similar. They both feature a wizard as the main character that is in love with an average human woman. Unlike the previous film, Crimes of Grindelwald does not have these two characteristics and instead it deals with a wizard who is obsessed with power and has an interest in politics.

The only similarity between the two films is the theme of the story of Crimes of Grindelwald. While both films have the story about a wizard that is obsessed with power and wants to rule the world, both of them have an evil plot to rule the world using their dark magic. The only thing that can be compared between the two movies is that both of them feature wizards. The story of Crimes of Grindelwald also has a villain and this villain is more like Albus Dumbledore compared to Professor Snape. though this is not as clear in Crimes of Grindelwald because Rowling does not directly refer to it. Although, it is possible that the antagonist is Professor Snape as Snape makes his first appearance in this movie and Dumbledore is not present in this film. The difference is that Rowling makes it more likely that Snape is the protagonist of this film as he appears at the beginning and is not killed.

However, while there are similarities between the two movies, they also have differences in the way they show their main character. This is especially noticeable in the story of Crimes of Grindelwald. The story of this film focuses more on Albus Dumbledore and his interactions with Professor Snape and how he helps him in his fight against Grindelwald. Harry Potter only shows his approval and respect towards Dumbledore. When compared to this, the second movie portrays Harry as a friend and a good friend of Dumbledore. Also, while it is true that Harry's friendship and understanding towards Dumbledore are shown, Harry's relationship with Snape is also shown.

This is what people do not like about this movie compared to the other three Fantastic Beasts films. Some have said that the film fails to focus on what the story is about. This may be the case as there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty among the audience. What is clear is that Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them are one of the best Harry Potter films and it is a must see for every fan.

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