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Doctor Strange

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Dr. Strange, Supreme Sorcerer

Marvel Studios brings to the big screen the famous comic character of nineteen sixty-three Dr. Strange, by the hand of director Scott Derrickson, and the production of the acclaimed Kevin Feige, in an incredible film full of amazing visual effects that we will jump from our seats.

Dr. Strange features Benedict Cumberbatch's starring performances as Steven Strange; the beautiful Canadian actress Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer, the British Benedict Wong, and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Wong and Karl Mordo respectively; while Danish Michael Stuhlbarg will be the villain Kaecilius and Tilda Swinton will play Ancient One.

Steven Strange is a famous doctor specializing in neurosurgery who lacks humility and his arrogance is as great as his talent, one day without waiting for his life he will change giving a turn of three hundred and sixty degrees, going from being the eminence of surgery to a disabled man unable to lift a glass of water with his shattered hands.

Strange suffered a spectacular car accident in New York City when he was going to receive an award at the annual medicine convention; this broke all his tendons and damaged his joints, leaving him unable to operate again.

After dozens of investigations, expensive operations and treatments, nothing turns out, all efforts are useless; however, during a physiotherapy session, the specialist encourages Steven not to lose faith, and tells him about the case of Jonathan Pangborn, who suffered an accident similar to his being paraplegic; but that after his visit to Kathmandu, in Nepal he walked back on his own feet, worthy of any miracle.

The famous doctor is skeptical about such a story, but after analyzing Pangborn's case, he decides to see him and ask for an explanation, when he arrives, he incredibly sees Jonathan playing basketball as if the accident had never happened, when asked about his miraculous recovery Jonathan he tells him that he must go to the temple of Kamar-Taj, in Nepal, where they will show the way to his healing.

Clinging to that response he embarks on the trip to the Asian continent, upon arriving in Kathmandu he immediately tries to locate the Kamar-Taj, but is attacked by some assailants who beat him, and fortunately he is rescued by the sorcerer Karl Mordo; he takes it to the temple and presents it to the first sorceress.

Steven doesn't believe in anything he is told and his frustration makes him think he missed the trip, but the sorceress through a small touch makes him travel through different dimensions showing him an iota of his power.

After being expelled from the temple and begging in the rain to let him in, the sorceress agrees and is accepted as a student; Karl Mordo will be your spiritual guide and will train you; his first assignments begin in the library guarded by Wong, where he must study the basics of sorcery.

So little by little, he progressed and demonstrated his great talent and intelligence, but even in his mind, he lived the frustration of his shattered hands.

The sorceress must erase all those traumas of her mind and return the security that so much catheterized the talented surgeon; but above all it must make him understand his great capacities in the astral plane, there is not much time left and the evil Kaecilius prepares his great attack to free the powerful dark being Dormammu on the earth, and Dr. Strange must face it.

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Duration: 115min

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