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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

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Once upon a time there was a tiny little television series named Black Hawk Down and its plot revolves around a novel titled 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. The entire story revolves around the story of a young woman who is mysteriously kidnapped and brought to a remote American outpost in the middle of the African desert. In this outpost, the woman finds herself in the center of a civil war that has left entire armies, cities, and nations decimated, leaving her with the only hope of being rescued.

As for the story, this movie presents itself as an outrageous, but surprisingly accurate and well written story about an unimaginable catastrophe. That catastrophe had to have been the result of an unimaginable amount of incompetence from certain people who were entrusted with defending this country.

It is not really that difficult to see why this story is so bad. After all, if you fail to secure your diplomatic outpost in the middle of a war torn nation, you most likely die trying to prevent the terrorist attack of a group of men with guns. Apparently, 13 Hours falls in the same category as Medal of Honor, the first movie to be based on a true story and which featured a group of heroic soldiers who died saving a small country.

Movies have to rely on trust from the audience to survive, so many times movies are set up so that the heroes get captured, then rescue themselves and then fight off the terrorists. Sometimes, they even win. I don't think anyone expected anything less from a movie that goes by the name 13 Hours.

The film follows two main characters, each of whom might have been real life heroic figures, like that little girl. Captain Gregory and his deputy, Jacob, respectively. The CIA assigns them special operations units to protect a secret embassy on the African shore in order to find the girls and bring them back safely.

To the horror of the people defending the facility, two Egyptian commandos, harboring terrorist ties, infiltrate the American military personnel and kidnap the two women. While a rescue team arrives to attempt to rescue the women, one of the men is shot dead in front of the other man by one of the soldiers, and the soldiers get caught in the crossfire. Just before their comrades arrive, the other Americans in the outpost are killed as well.

The bad thing about this movie is that it starts off by showing the elements of real life but never really elaborates on it. The movie's plot involves the two girls being held in captivity, the terrorists holding a hostage, the real terrorists killing civilians, the Americans fighting to rescue the hostages, then the two Americans finding the hostages, the soldiers killing the Egyptian commando, then rescuing the hostages, then fighting off the terrorists, then finding the captives, and finally the rescue team arrives to do what is essentially a rescue mission.

As bad as this movie is, the only reason I watched it was because I knew the opening sentence was bogus. I figured someone had made it up to try and make some money and it had to be bad. This review is only to warn you that you shouldn't waste your time and maybe yours too.

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Genres: Action , History , Thriller

Duration: 144min

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